Episode #79 – A Simple 5-Step Sales Funnel That Generates Consistent Revenue

Imagine how you would feel if you looked at your email inbox and you had a sale notification for one of your programs. That’s what can happen when you have a sales funnel in place that strategically moves a new lead from just a name on your list to an actual paying client.

I remember the first time that happened to me. In fact, I’ve saved the PayPal notification so I will never forget the moment I realized my sales funnel was working.


Prior to January 17th, 2013, I had only made money if I was actually promoting a program I was launching.

Since that moment a little over two years ago I have been obsessed with product sales funnels and email sales funnels.

On this episode of KarenPattock.TV I’m sharing with you the 5-step process to design your own profit-generating sales funnel.

It’s one of the core foundations I teach in my STEP Into More Profits Program, (Enrollment is now open until April 29th – CLICK HERE to check out all the details.)

I love when I can shorten your learning curve, teach you how to make your business more streamlined and quickly get you into the profit zone. Today is one of those days.

Grab your pen & paper and together let’s dive into today’s video where I’ll share the ONLY 5 steps you need to know to build a profitable sales funnel in your business, (that generates income while you sleep).


To your best year ever,







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