Episode #78 – The 3 Fastest Ways
To Grow Your Email List


NEWSFLASH!!! Your email list is the “Gold” in your business. How much gold do you have stockpiled in your email list?

Did you know that dedicating time and energy every single day to building your email list is the most productive thing you can spend your time on as an online marketer?

It’s true, when generating sales you can count on your email list to regularly purchase from you, which means more dollars in your bank account.

You’ve no doubt heard stories from other successful business owners that share the results they have experienced once they began to focus on building a responsive email list.

I’m no different. Once I made it a focus of my daily routine, things really started to take off in my business.

My goal in today’s episode of KarenPattock.TV is to share with you the 3 strategies I’m using right now that are producing extraordinary results in growing a target-specific email list.

I want this process to be as easy as possible for you so you too can begin to see marked improvement in your email list growth as well as increased sales to people that really need what you have to offer.

Grab your pen & paper and together let’s dive into today’s video where I’ll share 3 of the fastest ways I know to quickly grow your email list of highly targeted leads.


To your best year ever,







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