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Episode #72 – The Email List Building Strategy That Gets Results

I’m so excited to be back with you to share the very first episode of KarenPattock.TV in 2015. I wanted to begin the year with an action-oriented training all about email list building that results in guaranteed lead generation. >

Today I’m sharing my very best email list building strategy with you. It’s the one I use and I can promise you… it gets results!

In this video I’m sharing three important reasons why I always tell my clients that, “Your email list is the gold in your business.”

Here’s the deal… if you have experienced a lack of clients as well as a lack of revenue, chances are you haven’t been treating your email list like the pot of gold that it is. Today we’re changing all that.

Spend the next 5 minutes with me as I reveal how I design my free offers in a way that regularly grows my email list by hundreds of new qualified leads each month. You know me, I’m holding nothing back!

Grab your pen & paper and let’s get started NOW!


To your best year ever,
~ Karen


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