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Episode #59 – Blogging – What’s More Important… Quantity or Quality?

Are you a business owner that knows the importance of blogging and sending out original content to your followers on a weekly basis?

If you’re building a business, online or offline, content creation is definitely at the top of your list of entrepreneurial responsibilities.

Here’s a question for you though… What’s more important, quantity or quality?

I get this question so often from many of my well-meaning clients that are trying to keep their creative juices flowing but find it extremely difficult to stay on task week after week.

In today’s episode of KarenPattock.TV I’m answering the question – What matters most… Quantity or Quality? I’m also sharing with you THREE strategies you can implement that will make blogging once per week a breeze.

Your audience will be so excited to hear from you on a consistent and reliable basis.

So grab your pen & paper and let’s get started NOW!


We can Make A Difference in the world,

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