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Episode #58 – How Often Should You
Contact Your Email List?

Today’s topic is a real humdinger! People are so passionate about it that it can cause some pretty heated debates and maybe even a few swear words. Yikes! The topic? How often should you send emails to your email list without being labeled an annoying pest?

I did a search on Google and the recommendations ranged anywhere between once every 3 months to 3 times per day. Talk about controversial, (and confusing)!

The truth is that I don’t think that either of those recommendations is correct. I think there is a much better way to gauge what will work best for you and your email list.

In today’s episode of KarenPattock.TV I’m diving into this topic and I’m sharing my secret strategy for how I decide how often I should email my list. Would you like this question answered once and for all?

Well sit down, get comfy and let’s jump into answering the very controversial question, “How often should I email my list so I don’t get labeled an annoying pest?”

Let’s GO!!!


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