Episode #49 – How To Boost Your
Confidence & Kill The Gremlins Holding You Back

Do you ever feel like you want more confidence? Way too often negative self-talk can sabotage your success. The voice you’re hearing isn’t speaking the truth it’s just those nasty gremlins living inside your head.


In today’s episode of KarenPattock.TV we’ll be talking about how to kill the gremlins that tell you you’re not good enough, not ready and don’t have enough experience to be successful in your business.

I’m sharing three specific techniques that you can use when you’re feeling scared or insecure. The quickest way to solve a problem is to make a plan and I’m giving you easy-to-implement strategies to get you quickly on the road to success.

“Progress always involves risk. You can’t steal second by keeping one foot on first.” ~Frederick Wilcox

That quote applies to almost everything you do in your life. However, it especially applies to building a bigger more profitable business.

I think we can both agree that to make more money you need to move your business to the next level and moving to the next level can be scary.

You’re not alone! We ALL feel that way. That’s when the gremlins ‘come-a-calling’!

When you watch this video you may have feelings like you’re ready to take the next step in building your confidence. You may realize you’re tired of playing small and you want to take the ‘bull by the horns’. I’ve worked with many health & fitnesspreneurs that have had that same transformational feeling.  

If you’re ready to take control and skyrocket your confidence I have what you’re looking for to accomplish your goal.

Check out my 5-part training, Confidence – Inside and Out – Have BOTH in 5 Transformational Steps. With this program you can finally SHUT-DOWN that aggravating and debilitating voice in your head that says “you’re not good enough” and rewrite your CONFIDENCE story forever!


So spend the next few minutes with me as I share the techniques you can use to ignore the gremlins, a/k/a insecurities, so you can more confidently work with your clients and referral partners. As always, I’m here to support you in building the life and business of your dreams.

So what are you waiting for? Click the play button so you can get past your fear, build your confidence and truly Make A Difference in the world.


Supporting you every step of the way,
Karen Pattock

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