Episode #42 – Cool Facebook Tools That
No One Ever Told You About, (and they’re free)

Don’t you love learning about Facebook tools that can help you grow your Business Page likes and engagement? Me too!

In today’s episode I’m sharing another ‘behind the screen training’ with you that will show you some cool tools you can use on your Facebook page that will make your posts stand out above your competitors, (and the best part is they’re free).

I’m sure you would agree that Facebook is an excellent place to market your health and fitness business.

That said, most other small business owners are marketing their businesses there as well. So knowing how to make your page stand out is your key for success.

Today I’m sharing the Facebook tools you should be using in your business every day that no one ever told you about.

PLUS… I’m giving away a brand new Facebook study guide filled with specific examples that you can model in your own business. (I’ll tell you in the video how to get your hands on this “HOT OFF THE PRESS” guide that includes the most current Facebook marketing trends.)


So let’s not waste another second. Let’s jump into the nitty-gritty of today’s episode.

Are you ready? Grab your pen & paper! It’s time to make your Facebook page stand out above the rest!


With love & support,
Karen Pattock

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P.S. Definitely implement the action item at the end of the video for more likes and greater engagement on your Facebook Business Page.

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