I’ve read this post on social media so many times and each time I can feel the discouragement in the words…

“Can anyone really make money as a Health Coach?”

Reading between the lines they are saying, I’m trying to build my business and nothing is working.

If you ever find yourself wondering what other health coaches are doing to succeed and grow their business, episode 96 of The Wellness Business Podcast is one you won’t want to miss!

Success stories and case studies are my absolute favorite episodes to share with you because with each one I’m hoping you’ll find encouragement and inspiration to keep going on your journey to become a successful health coach.

This week we are incredibly excited to speak with Shannon Hansen, a holistic wellness practitioner, who recently enrolled 15 clients in her program in only 45 days.

What you’ll also hear on this episode is that right before this major milestone, Shannon wasn’t feeling so positive about her business. (Maybe you can relate.)

Tune in to hear Shannon tell us the story of exactly how she made it happen!

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The simple steps and aha moments that led to Shannon finally kicking off her business in a BIG way
  • How Shannon used speaking at conferences as a way to share her message, (the beauty of leveraging other people’s audiences)
  • How dialing in and getting clear on who her ideal client is was a total game changer for Shannon
  • What she did to structuring her program in a way that will help her clients the most
  • Where Shannon’s business was a few short months ago and where it is now as a result of just a couple small decisions.

Hit play and get ready to hear actionable steps and what Shannon is doing to grow her business!




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