If you’re anything like me you love hearing about the success stories of other people in your industry.

It’s so inspiring and motivating!

In fact, just this morning as I was driving to my local coffee shop to get some work done I was listening to a podcast that gave all the details of a Black Friday Sale that one of my colleagues ran.

He gave all the details of how he did it and the entire time I was thinking, “hey… I could do that in my business”.

There is nothing like a good case study to get the entrepreneurial juices flowing.

That’s why I’m pumped to tell you about this week’s episode of The Wellness Business Podcast.

It’s a deep dive case study with Andrea Dahlman, one of the members of our Wellness Business Insider’s Club.

On this episode, Andrea shares how through the help of the Insider’s Club she established her niche and enrolled three new coaching clients in ONE week. #nokidding

She shares the exact steps she took to surpass her goal of filling her online program in just one week! Now she’s setting even bigger goals.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • How the Insider’s Club helped Andrea focus on her ideal client through one very focused monthly training.
  • The exhaustive nature of trying to be everything to everyone and how her life has changed since identifying her ideal client
  • The exact steps Andrea took to narrow down her niche even though she felt resistance along the way
  • How Andrea handles one-on-one clients and promotes her online program for consistent revenue
  • The power of being committed to action and not being tied to results
  • Andrea’s personal recommendation for investing in your business through the Insider’s Club, (yes, she’s one of our biggest fans and most successful members)
  • Strategies and skills offered in the Wellness Business Insider’s Club (check out all the details here)

Be sure to grab your earbuds and click the play button as soon as possible to establish your niche and gain more clients just like Andrea did!

You can listen here on the website or on your favorite podcast app (Apple Podcasts for iOS, and Stitcher or GooglePlay for Android). Just search for “The Wellness Business Podcast” and click subscribe, so you get a new episode every week. You can also listen on Alexa, Google Home AND Spotify!