Growing a big email list filled with ideal client subscribers.

It’s the thing you want to know how to do but don’t know how to get started.

You hear whispers about success stories once in a while and you may even work up the courage to ask, “how’d you do that?”.

But on a day to day basis, email list building is the most important task you AREN’T working on in your wellness business.

That’s why we decided to shine a light on, and answer, the 5 most common questions that will get you on your way to building an ideal client specific email list.

Because we understand the value of having more ideal client email subscribers, we are addressing 5 commonly asked questions with 5 easy solutions to help boost your email list building efforts.

In this episode, we’ll be answering these 5 questions…

  1. How do you offer value so your ideal clients will opt-in with their email?
  2. Why aren’t people signing up for my opt-in freebie?
  3. How often should I be emailing your list?
  4. Do I need people coming to my website to grow my email list?
  5. How do I use content to build my email list and how do I prioritize creating content when I keep putting it on the back burner?

If any, or all, of these questions have been slowing the growth of your email list growth, be sure to listen to this week’s episode.

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