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Do you have a list of questions that you ask people in a discovery call? Or do you just let the potential client lead the conversation? Many health coaches are wondering the same thing!

How would you rate your skill level for conducting Discovery Calls on a scale from 1-10?

➡️ 0-3 Definitely need help

➡️ 4-6 My results are hit or miss

➡️ 7-9 I can hold my own

➡️ 10 I nail it every single time

When I was in Health Coach training one of our requirements was to do Discovery Calls with our fellow classmates. I took it very seriously, (I may be a bit of an overachiever), and booked two calls each week for almost an entire year.

Why did I put so much effort forth?

Because I knew that practice makes perfect and learning how to conduct a discovery call that results in the caller saying “yes” to my program was a key factor to my success.

Now I would totally rate myself a solid 9.5 on every single call I do, (even now).

If you do 1-on-1 coaching or ever have the need to discuss your program with a potential client on the phone, you probably rely on discovery calls to answer their questions before they feel comfortable in enrolling. Knowing how to conduct these calls effectively is key to growing your practice.


Here are 7 basic steps to conducting an effective discovery call:

  1. Welcome them to the call and ask how they are doing.
  2. Ask what are their top 1-2 biggest challenges right now (related to your niche).
  3. Why is that important to them to solve? What will it allow them to do? How would it feel if they reached that goal or had that problem solved?
  4. Confirm that this is an area where you help clients, if applicable, and share a story about a past client that had a similar issue/struggle.
  5. Ask if they would like to hear about your coaching program and how you can help them.
  6. If they say yes, give them a basic overview of your program and the investment and answer any questions they may have.
  7. If they aren’t ready to commit, ask them if it’s okay if you follow up with them. If they say yes, ask them when a good time would be to follow up. Put that date in your calendar and be sure to call to check in and follow up.

Looking for some additional tips on ways to book discovery calls? Check out 11 Ways to Book Discovery Calls


On episode 235 of The Wellness Business Podcast, we are talking about how to prevent your discovery calls from going off the rails, so YOU are the one who is in control of the flow of the conversation rather than leaving it up to chance and running the risk of the call getting off track and not being productive.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to prepare for your discovery calls to maximize your chances of turning them into a paying client (coaching them starts when you are on this call)
  • A formula to kick off your discovery call with tons of energy and excitement so they feel comfortable digging into any objections they may have
  • 9 steps to conducting an effective discovery call that you can rinse & repeat
  • How to get access to a copy of a Discovery Call Outline/Script that will keep you on track and in control of the call

Learning how to master discovery calls to enroll new clients is a key conversion strategy for many health coaches. In this episode, you’ll learn exactly what you can do to conduct effective discovery calls.

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