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It may sound hard to believe, but one of our client’s booked 40 discovery calls in only 5 days resulting in 6 brand new one-on-one clients.

Here’s what’s so interesting about Mona’s story, a little over a year ago she didn’t feel confident in her coaching abilities or her business model and she definitely had a huge case of imposter syndrome.

Over the last year she’s experimented and tested different client attraction strategies and built in automated processes into her business. Her constant willingness to try things outside her comfort zone resulted in clients starting to invest in her programs.

As Mona’s confidence increased, so did her number of clients.

“I’m more spontaneous, real and authentic now.” ~Mona Mandour

Where Her Success Started

Once Mona decided on discovery calls as her main method of converting potential clients into paying customers for her one-on-one coaching program she knew she needed to get good at the process.

There is an art and a science for doing discovery calls. In a nutshell, it’s your opportunity to decide if they are a good client fit for your program and if you are the right coach for the problem they are trying to solve. (Download my 7 Step Sales Conversation Worksheet HERE)

The key is to not let the ‘discovery call’ turn into a ‘coaching call’. Instead it’s an opportunity to connect with your potential client and help them visualize what’s possible for them once they decide to work with you.

Mona’s Facebook Ads

The catalyst for booking so many discovery calls in such a short period of time was a paid Facebook ad. You may think that you need to be a Facebook ads expert to get the same kind of results as Mona but nothing could be further from the truth. Mona’s ad strategy is really very simple.

She recorded 2 – one-minute videos that invited her ideal clients to book a discovery call session with her. She focused her message on mindset and changing beliefs.

Then she created a campaign in the ads manager with a total budget of $200 over a 5-day period.

Next, she targeted only her ideal clients, (which is a key component to her ad being so successful).

The text part of the ad consisted of a written version of what she said in her video and then directed people to her online calendar link.

BONUS TIP: Her appointment request form included a spot for the person to enter their phone number. This was an incredibly important piece of the puzzle because Mona text each person a reminder notification before their call which significantly increased her show-up rate.

Mona’s Advice To You

Mona has learned a lot in the past year about herself and her business. When asked what advice she would offer a new or struggling health coach, she had this to say:

“Understand you have everything already, just start!! ~Mona Mandour

What Mona Has Done Right

  • She got really laser-focused on her ideal client identity to dial in her messaging
  • She systematized her coaching program which increases her value-proposition
  • She studied our Discovery Call lesson and practiced with real people as she perfected her process
  • She got outside her comfort zone and tested lots of different strategies until she’s dialed in on the one the best works for her and her clients

The Wrap Up

Mona says she used to be all over the place in her business but now she focuses on how she can serve her clients and how she can make it easy for people to work with her. She finally feels like she’s a business owner and it’s no longer a hobby.

Want to hear more from Mona directly? Listen to Episode 190 of The Wellness Business Podcast. On this episode, Mona shares:

  • How she booked 40 calls in 5 days
  • Some of the obstacles she faced and how she overcame them
  • What her business was like a year ago and what it’s like now
  • What kind of Facebook ads Mona ran and examples of what she included that made them so effective
  • Her discovery call follow-up reminder strategy that worked like a charm

If you are looking to book more discovery calls, you won’t want to miss this interview!

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