I remember starting my health coaching business and there were so many decisions to make.  The first time I heard someone talk about building a list I thought, “What list”?  Next I heard someone talk about designing an opt-in offer and I thought, “What’s an opt-in offer”? Then I heard someone talking about how important it was to send a newsletter regularly to my list, (yes, I did know what a newsletter was, LOL!).  In the midst of all of this information I was overwhelmed to say the least.  I remember feeling like all I wanted to do was become a health coach and now there was all of this technical mumbo jumbo I had to figure out.  How was I going to do that?

Within the next couple of months I quickly learned what all of those terms meant and I put all of the pieces in place. Once I did, something pretty cool started happening.  I started having people opt in on my list.  It was a day of celebration for me the first time that I received an email from my contact management company telling me that I had someone sign up for my newsletter.  I felt like my hard work was paying off.

Recently I’ve written about newsletters and blogs quite a bit.  I’ve also talked about how maintaining regular connection with your followers is very important to your business.  In fact, it is really one of the top three things in your business that you can do to be successful.  Today I want to talk specifically about your opt-in offer. 

You need to have an offer that will grab the attention of the person that is visiting your website.  It MUST be so compelling that they can’t help but want what you’re offering and they feel like they must opt-in immediately.

Crafting a compelling opt-in offer takes time and thought about who you are marketing to.  Who is your target audience?  (If you haven’t figured that out yet you need to get moving.  You must know what market you want to serve and it is unrealistic to think that you can serve everyone.)  Once you are aware of your target market your next task is to figure out exactly what their pain points are so you can hone in on one of those points for your opt-in.

Let’s use the target market of people that are “Gluten Free”.  Imagine how it feels for someone to realize that the reason they have felt so bad and have been having so many health problems is because they are gluten intolerant.  I’m sure that is a very scary diagnosis.  They probably immediately feel like their whole world is falling apart.  They have no idea how to become gluten free and it feels extremely overwhelming.  That’s where you come in as a health coach with your “compelling opt-in offer”.

I want you to imagine yourself in that person’s shoes for a moment.  You’ve just been told that you have a gluten intolerance and you need to remove all gluten from your diet.  It feels very surreal doesn’t it?  Initially, you’re not even sure what gluten is or how to remove it from your diet.  You begin looking for information and resources on the internet to help you make this lifestyle change. In your search you’re hoping to find a health coach that specializes in teaching how to eat a gluten free diet. 

You look at several health coaching websites that say they specialize in eating gluten free.  You decide that you would like to check one of them out further.  How do you decide which one?  Your next step would be to sign up for one health coach’s regular newsletter.  Each coach has an opt-in offer (listed below). 
Which one would be the most compelling to you that would make you want to sign up?

  1. Valuable Tips & Recipes for Living a Gluten Free Lifestyle
  2. 10 Ways to Avoid Getting Gluten-ed
  3. 3 Gluten Free Bread Recipes
  4. 5 Resources You Need If You Are Eating A Gluten Free Diet – Get Relief NOW!

Look at the four examples again.  Frankly, receiving “3 Gluten Free Bread Recipes” when I’m trying to navigate how to become gluten free isn’t compelling to me at all.  Neither is “Valuable Tips & Recipes For Living A Gluten Free Lifestyle”.  I’m not even exactly sure what that means.

On the other hand, “10 Ways Not To Get Gluten-ed” isn’t bad.  I might actually sign up for that report.  It leads me to believe that I will receive information that will help me right off the bat.  It makes me feel like there may be hidden gluten in something I’m eating and this will help me not be tricked by the manufacturer.

The most compelling offer though, if I were going to give my name and email address to one of these health coaches, would definitely be #4 – “5 Resources You Need If You Are Eating A Gluten Free Diet – Get Relief NOW!” Why would I choose that one? Because it makes me feel like the information that health coach is offering would help me with my problem immediately.  It sounds like it has a high content value.  I would receive specific resources that would help me improve my health NOW! That’s compelling!!!

Do you see the difference between the opt-ins?  There is a difference in how compelled you feel to sign up, right? That is why you need to do your homework to figure out exactly where your target market’s greatest pain is so you can address it.  Be sure, when creating your offer, to give something of value.  You don’t want to give a lame report so that your new follower feels like they were scammed.  You definitely don’t want their first impression of you to be one of disappointment.

Let’s dive further into how to design your offer.  Here are the steps you will need to create your best opt-in offer:
  1. Like I said earlier, you must know who your target market is.  Who do you feel compelled to serve? Without this information your compelling offer can’t be compelling enough.
  2. Once you know who your marketing to, your next step is to make a list of the top three things that are pain points for them.  What are the three top problems they have that are holding them back from living their best life?
  3. Once you have the top three problems, now what are the top three solutions to those problems?  Dig deep.  Really put yourself in their shoes.  Feel what they are feeling so you can truly get a good idea for where they are emotionally and physically.
  4. Choose one of those problems/solutions and create an offer based around that information.  In my example of gluten intolerance, the pain point is that they don’t know where to start in eating a gluten free diet.  They aren’t even sure what gluten is. Providing five really well thought out resources for them will be a huge help in getting them started in their new lifestyle.
  5. Once you have your offer ready to go you need to give it a title.  Again, thinking about the pain point of your potential client, give it a title that is compelling and will draw them in and make them feel like they need it right away and can’t live without it.

Once they opt-in and receive your valuable report they will be hooked on you.  A valuable report immediately builds your credibility in their eyes.  It will be your job to continue building that relationship.  Just continue to serve them with your newsletter, products and programs.  As long as you continue to provide valuable information they will be a loyal follower.

These steps are your key to designing your most compelling opt-in offer.  Don’t neglect this component of your business.  It is one of those things that takes time initially but once it is set up it will keep on working for you well into the future.

I encourage you to ask questions or leave comments below on how this article helped you.  Did you get clarity on your opt-in?  Leave me a message below or connect with me on my Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/KarenPattockBiz.

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