Overwhelm is something I hear a lot from health coaches and if I’m being honest I have used that phrase many times over the years. When I first started my health coaching business in 2011 it seemed like everything was urgent and an uphill battle, (hence the feeling of overwhelm).

Are there certain words that trigger you? You know the words I’m talking about. Anytime someone says that word or words, you cringe or feel an immediate physical reaction.

That word for me is ‘OVERWHELM’!

If you’ve ever declared yourself in a state of overwhelm you know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s nothing good about the word. It leaves you feeling like a helpless victim and when it comes to running your wellness business nothing could be further from the truth.

The good news is that I now know that overwhelm is a state of mind and I can change my thoughts anytime I want by making more empowered decisions. I never have to live in a space of overwhelm.


When I hear my clients say they are overwhelmed I believe that it’s my opportunity to help them reframe their thoughts and feelings into something more positive and empowering.

There are 3 ways that have helped me overcome overwhelm when I’m faced with a lot in my business and personal life.

1) Don’t over commit to things. Be selective and only say yes to things that will directly help you grow your audience, grow your email list and help you get clients. It’s very easy to say yes to all opportunities in the beginning, so you just want to be sure it aligns with your goals and priorities right now.

Overcommitting to too much often leads to burnout. If you’re feeling this way or would like to learn how to avoid burnout, check out the episode: How to Avoid (or Bounce Back From) Burnout

2) Delegate. You can’t do it all and do it well. Time spent doing tasks that you can outsource, takes up time you can be coaching clients or getting yourself out there to attract clients and build relationships.

Make a list of what only YOU can do, and then make a list of what you can hand off to someone else. When you focus on income-generating tasks, you will generate more revenue. One example would be focusing on designing your own logo – that is not an income generating task and it isn’t something that even needs to be done – it’s totally optional.

Resources for finding a virtual assistant, social media manager, etc. can be found on Upwork.com, onlinejobs.ph (for VA’s in the Philippines) or ask colleagues for recommendations. I’ve personally found great VAs in these two Facebook groups:

To get started outsourcing, download my FREE Outsourcing Like a Pro Guide.

3) Focus on fewer things. When you are spread too thin in too many places, you can feel overwhelmed and truth be told your efforts become less effective.

One example of this would be trying to be on 4-5 different social media platforms instead of going all in on two, possibly 3. Part of social media success means being social, and that means interacting with other accounts, so you are actually being seen and building relationships – you can’t do that if you are on several platforms and you’re managing your social media yourself.


I know there is a lot to do as a health coach who is building an online business from scratch and that’s why we decided to tackle the limiting beliefs that come with the word “overwhelm” this week on the podcast by sharing 3 simple strategies to eliminate that feeling forever.

On episode 228 of The Wellness Business Podcast you’ll discover:

  • How to avoid over committing to things that are not aligned with your goals and priorities
  • How to delegate effectively to free up more time for income-generating tasks and projects
  • How to focus on fewer things to get better results

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed in your health coaching business, tune in to this week’s episode of The Wellness Business Podcast to learn how to overcome and avoid overwhelm.

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