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Create New Content & Attract More Clients
By: Karen Pattock

Let me ask you a question… Are you creating new content on a regular basis for your followers? Publishing new content is the number one way you can attract more clients and keep the attention of those that are already following you.

There are many benefits to content creation. First and foremost it’s a very inexpensive way to market your business and show your area of expertise. It also gives you a reason to consistently connect with your followers whether through your email list or social media.

Getting inspired on topics is as easy as picking 3 – 5 keywords and researching those words on or In as little as 20 or 30 minutes you will be able to list many topics related to those keywords that will be inspirational content for future email and blog posts.

I find inspiration everywhere: in the grocery store, watching television or even listening to my favorite sermons. I have a notepad on my cell phone and iPad that I’m constantly writing down ideas and thoughts I have for future blog posts, free offers and cheat sheets.

Don’t get hung up on trying to figure out the perfect template or format in which to create your content either. It’s much more important to focus on getting your content out there on a consistent basis. Pick a schedule and stick to it. Once you have a routine, your followers will be expecting to hear from you on certain days. Don’t disappoint them.

Research shows that in order to gain a loyal following you should publish a newsletter no less than every other week. Ideally, (in my opinion), you should send some form of new content at least once every week.

Don’t be afraid to keep your content short, sweet and to the point. The guidelines for this are changing. Longer posts used to be most desirable but recently the rules have changed and recipients want shorter content that gets straight to the point.

When you write posts and articles, remember that blogs and newsletters are marketing tools. Make sure that the content of your newsletter or blog is aligned with your business offerings. If you want to have a “Friday Fun” post each week in your blog or offer an “interesting facts” article in every edition of your newsletter, go for it!

It’s important that with each piece of content you create you’re sure to include a call-to-action. Direct your reader to other related content that you’ve created or to your free offer. If you don’t let the reader know what else you have to offer, how will they ever know?

As a health & fitnesspreneur, a blog or newsletter is a great way to spread the word about your products and services. Use your blog and newsletter as a creative outlet to talk about what you do best and how you can help the reader attain better health. Write about how the latest technology in medicine can enhance holistic practices and fitness routines.

Contribute your thoughts and opinions on current trends. Infuse some of your own ideas on every subject. Tell your readers how they can benefit from this new knowledge.

In order to build a good following, readers need a reason to click on the link to your newsletter or blog.  Deliver interesting, relevant, informative and consistent content straight to your audience. You’ll find that it helps build your reputation, as both a source of great information and as a knowledgeable health & fitnesspreneur.

With love & support,
Karen Pattock

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