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When I began working with clients as a health coach back in 2011, I jumped right in using the 6-month coaching program that I received with my certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

It was the perfect way to get my feet wet as a new coach and I loved that this valuable resource was available to me immediately through my certification and I didn’t have to figure out a coaching model on my own.

I took that opportunity and ran with it by working with many different clients who needed varying levels of support from me.

Since I’m a rule follower… I stuck pretty close to that 6-month program outline while working with my first 10 clients. I believed that it was all I needed to effectively build my practice while also building my brand.

After about 9-months of working with clients, I realized that there were some things about the program that needed customization and maybe it wasn’t as ‘perfect’ as I originally thought.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still so appreciative that I had that program available to me when I first started coaching so I could hit the ground running. It was a lifesaver!

But, around a year into my coaching practice, I realized that what I really needed to do was to create my own coaching program. I wanted to design a program that was more specific to my unique approach and experiences as well allowed me to work with multiple clients at one time. It was time that I added a layer of scalability to my coaching practice to offer me more time freedom.

I believe that coming to this conclusion is a natural progression for many health coaches and for most of us this option makes sense once we have more clarity about the area we want to specialize.


Checkpoint #1: You want to create a more specific and niched down program

In the vast world of health coaching, it’s crucial to stand out as someone that specializes in one area. After you have experience working with a variety of clients you’ll be in a better position to create a coaching program that’s tailored to a specific audience or health challenge based on where you believe our zone of genius lies and the clients that you enjoy working with the most.

This specificity shows that you understand the unique needs and challenges of that particular ideal client. When clients feel like you’re speaking directly to them, they’re more likely to see you as the solution they’ve been searching for.

Checkpoint #2: Your personal & coaching experience has led you to design a specific process/protocol that is working with your clients

Developing a specific process or protocol for your coaching program often stems from your own personal experience. Picture this: you’re equipped with knowledge and personal experience that you’ve gained over the years of working with clients and dealing with your own health challenges.

Designing a coaching program around your experience and expertise not only demonstrates your authority in the field but also gives your clients a clear path to follow. Your clients will feel confident knowing they’re following a tried-and-true approach that you’ve refined through your own experiences and education.

Checkpoint #3: You’re ready to differentiate yourself with your own unique offer

Moving on to our third point – differentiation and having a unique offering. With so many health coaches out there, setting yourself apart is key for standing out to your dream clients. A coaching program that targets a small segment of the population, a specific niche, allows you to stand out in the market which can be your competitive edge.

Think about it: a potential client has choices, but when they see a program that addresses their specific needs in a novel way, they’re more likely to choose you. Your unique approach creates a connection, making it easier for them to say, “This is the coach I need and want.”

Checkpoint #4: One-on-one coaching is great but you’re looking for scalability and efficiency

Creating your own coaching program allows you to work with multiple clients more efficiently at the same time that have similar needs. Traditional one-on-one coaching sessions can sometimes be limiting, both in terms of time and the number of clients you can accommodate so scaling your time and revenue by running a group program is a great solution.

With a structured group program, you can maintain quality while serving more clients simultaneously. This scalability model not only boosts your income potential but also allows you to make a more significant impact on your clients.

Checkpoint #5: You’re interested in passive income potential

Last, but certainly not least, let’s talk about passive income potential. Beyond one-on-one coaching, your coaching program can open doors to new income streams. Imagine how much more you could make by offering group coaching sessions or a self-paced, DIY, version of your program.

These options enable you to generate income even when you’re not actively coaching. It’s like your program is working for you around the clock. This not only provides financial stability but also gives you more freedom to focus on other aspects of your coaching practice.


Over the years I’ve created many of my own coaching programs. They’ve been on many different topics but one thing remained consistent in each one… my successful approach and format.

I learned my success formula by following what my mentor, Amy Porterfield, taught me along the way. She has a knack for streamlining the approach for creating your own coaching program which means not only can you create it more quickly but your clients will have better success because the information is organized in a way that is designed to get results.

If this sounds exciting to you, or it’s something that you have had in the back of your mind but didn’t know how to execute, there is something special coming that kicks off on Wednesday, September 13th, that will definitely help you reach your goal of creating your own program.

My mentor, Amy Porterfield, is hosting a live bootcamp called, Course Confident. In the bootcamp, and with Amy’s support, you’ll figure out….

  • What topic is best for your coaching program
  • What type of course format is best for your audience
  • How much to charge for your program
  • A course-focused lead magnet
  • And a start to finish plan to get your coaching program in the hands of the clients that need it most

The bootcamp is open for registration right now, so to learn more and to grab your spot just CLICK HERE ==>> the Course Confident Bootcamp.

Pretty cool, right? I’ll be there with you. I join every year just so I can keep on top of the latest trends and fast-tracking tips for creating new courses.

In episode 325 of The Wellness Business Podcast we talk about the journey to developing our own health coaching program:

  • 5 checkpoints to know if you’re ready to create your own coaching program
  • The benefits of creating your own program as a way of standing out in your niche so that it’s easier to attract your dream clients

  • Why adding a group coaching program to your service offerings leads to scalability and efficiency in your practice leaving more free time for other things

To figure out whether creating your own health coaching program is your next step, listen to episode 325 of the Wellness Business Podcast!

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