Jeep Balance

My recent trip to Utah was amazing!  Mike and I spent seven wonderful days in and around Arches National Park in Moab.  The landscape is beyond what words can describe. I couldn’t even begin to tell you what it was like.  I hope you have the chance to visit someday if you haven’t already.

I was thinking the other day about the vision I had for this vacation and what it would be like.  I have to admit, it wasn’t anything like I envisioned.  The size and color of the mountains were more than I could have ever imagined.  It’s so completely different from what I’m used to in Michigan.  I’m just hoping the pictures that we took will keep the incredible beauty of the landscape in our memory forever. 

In addition to sightseeing, we rented a Jeep to go off-roading on the trails and do some rock climbing.  That was definitely much different than I expected.  There were some areas during our rock climbing that I was ready to turn back and forget the whole thing.  I’m not sure that rock climbing in a Jeep is my cup of tea, but I’m certainly glad that I did it.  My husband loved it and can’t wait to do it again.

This vacation made me think about how we all have the tendency to get a vision in our mind of what upcoming events will be like.  It can be a vacation, a family event or even our business plan.  Whatever it is, we think we have everything mapped out and know how it will play out.  However, when it doesn’t go the way we planned it can really throw us for a loop.

When you feel out-of-balance, especially in your business, it can cause you to procrastinate and not be as productive as you might otherwise have been.  That’s never a good thing.  You need a vision and a plan to go with that vision to make it come alive and keep you on track.

When I started my Health Coaching practice, I knew from my past business experience that I was going to need a clear vision for my business plan.  I knew that to grow a thriving, prosperous coaching business, it was important for me to have a vision of what I wanted my business to look like.  The same is true for your business.

You can’t get to where you want to go without a clear vision of what you want.  It’s probably not the first time you have heard that, but have you actually taken the time to create a clear vision for your business?  Beyond that, have you drafted a specific business plan to get you from where you are now to where your vision wants you to go?  If not this article is for you.  So let’s dig in a little deeper shall we?

What is a vision?

 Creating a vision is the process of developing a picture in your mind of what you want for your life and business in the future, translating it into the written word, 
picturing it in your mind 
and developing it even further into specific action steps.  You can have visions for all aspects of your life – 
business, health, finances, relationship, career and more. 
Visioning uses both mental and physical tools of your mind and body, such as the thoughts and actions to create and realize your goals.

It’s been widely acknowledged by experts that there is power in defining, declaring, and then committing to what you want your business to look like. Your vision is the articulation of your desired business plan.  A clear vision will help to set a desired course for you. Without this direction to guide you, you could fail to acquire the quality of life you want and expect.

There are very specific steps to create a vision for your business.  Once you have crafted your vision there are equally specific steps for making your vision a reality.  Let’s discuss the steps for successfully creating your vision.

Write down the answers to what you really want your business to look like.  Think about the best vision you can imagine.  Don’t worry just yet about how you’re going to make it happen.  Instead focus on what you REALLY desire, and be as specific as possible!  Don’t be afraid to add other things in also.  Anything that you feel is important in your overall business plan should be included, (which includes time off for your family and the things you love to do). 

Here are some questions to help get you started:

  1. How many people do you want to serve?
  2. Who do you want to be working with, (target market)?
  3. What is your area of specialty? (What do you have experience in that gives you expert status?)
  4. Do you want to serve clients only on a one-by-one, in person, basis or do you want to serve clients by phone or in a group setting?
  5. What products and services do you want to offer? (Do you only offer long-term coaching programs or do you offer coaching programs as well as a la carte options?)
  6. If you are planning to add more options to your list of services are you allotting the amount of creative time each product will require?
  7. What does your daily, weekly and monthly schedule look like? (Be realistic with how much you can accomplish in any given period of time.)
  8. How much money do you need/want to make?  (Again, be realistic based on the number of hours you have to commit to your business.)

As soon as you’ve been through this process once, walk away and come back to it the next day.  Refine each answer, from the day before, with a renewed perspective.  Continue to do this each day for an entire week. At the end of seven days you will have a crystal clear vision for your future.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully made it through this process and you are well on your way to clarity in your business.  No more flying by the seat of your pants.  You now have a very specific vision for your life and your business that includes time to work and time to play.  That is a huge step toward your successful business plan.

Having a vision and making a plan is one of the most critical components to accomplishing anything that is important in your life.  Knowing how much time you have to commit to your business is imperative to your success.  If you always feel like you should be spending more time on your business than you are, you will feel like a failure.  If you are spending lots of time on your business and feel like you are neglecting your family you will feel like you are letting them down.  Creating a workable balance between the two is your most direct line to a wealthy happy life.

I encourage you to work through this process as soon as possible. It will make you a better Health Coach and you will be able to serve your clients beyond what you could if you were not clear on what you have to offer.

I would appreciate your feedback.  Please comment below or visit me on my Facebook page, (, to tell me how this article impacted your business.  I am here to serve you and your feedback means the world to me.  It’s the link that will keep me on track for providing high-quality, relevant content for your Health Coaching business.

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Karen Pattock is a successful business woman that has launched 7 profitable companies over the past 20 years. She is a Certified Health Coach.  Her passion is guiding health coach entrepreneurs through the initial critical years in business using her proven methods. She provides expertise in marketing, business building, client attraction and list building.
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