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Are you someone who is looking at the holidays as a time to tap out of your business with the intention of hitting a reset button come January 1st with a renewed mindset and energy?

While many coaches will do that, I’m encouraging you to take a different approach.

Rather than sitting back, coasting through the holidays, hoping that January will bring renewed results for your business, take the initiative to keep your foot on the gas and spend this time dialing in on a new approach or marketing strategy for 2024 that sets you up for success on day one.

If you’re wondering what that success approach is, keep reading.

Most coaches that I speak and work with are doing their best to dial in on an approach that results in a steady stream of clients enrolling in their paid programs. However, it can feel confusing trying to figure out which approach is the “ONE” that actually works for you and your future clients.

One great option is to deliver one wellness workshop each month to help your dream clients get to know you better, learn more about your offers, and enroll in your coaching programs. Just one 60-minute workshop each month can be the difference between not growing your email list or getting clients, to a steady stream of both.


Whether you’re just beginning your journey as a health coach or you’ve been at it for a while now, chances are you’ve heard people mention that you should build a client funnel. Let’s talk about what that means in the simplest of terms.

Visualize an actual funnel, the top is much bigger than the bottom. In terms of a client funnel, the top is where you’re attracting the most people through social media and your free content. Once they are in your funnel, that pool of people shrinks down as the funnel shrinks as they join your email list and eventually purchase one of your programs.

Paying clients are at the smallest part of the funnel. The truth is you don’t need everyone at the top of your funnel to convert into paying clients to have a successful business. As the funnel gets smaller and smaller you are narrowing down to your warmest leads. Only those that are your perfect dream customers make it to the bottom of the funnel and into your program.

In the funnel scenario, wellness workshops actually perform double-duty. They are great top-of-funnel tools to attract new people to you and grow your email list. They are also perfect conversion tools (bottom of funnel) that allow you to make an offer at the end of the workshop so people will enroll in your program. It’s through the combination of these two roles in your client funnel, wellness workshops will help to build your client base quickly and consistently.

There are actually 6 elements to a profitable workshop, each one helps to move people through a client funnel with you in record time.

1) Establish

This is where the workshop title will get people interested in you and they’ll register for the upcoming training. When they register, they’ll then become an email subscriber.

2) Enlighten

This actually happens when people watch the workshop. You’ll instantly build a connection with them at the start of the workshop by letting them know they are in the right place and you understand their situation.

3) Educate

This is the heart of your workshop where you’re teaching them new information and sharing your journey or those of your clients, all in an effort to make them feel comfortable and excited to work with you.

4) Entrench

This is when you’ll reaffirm what they’ve learned and connect the dots to why the workshop was worth their time and get them ready for the next step with you.

5) Engage

Engaging your workshop attendees with a Q&A session is the perfect way to eliminate any fears or doubts that they may have in working with you.

6) Enroll

This is when you make an offer and invite them to enroll in your program. In this element, you’ll use benefit statements, testimonials, case studies, and program descriptions to entice your workshop attendees to join your paid program.

Each element in a wellness workshop is a step further in the client funnel with you, all leading to them enrolling in your paid program.


What you may not realize is that wellness workshops are actually very flexible and can be used in many ways to build a consistent client base.

There are three ways you can use wellness workshops to expand your health coaching business.

1) You can use them in a traditional way of promoting the workshop, registering people, and delivering it as an informational and educational training leading to an invitation to work with you.

2) Another way to use workshops in your coaching business to build a client base is to charge a fee, (typically $47 or less), for a 90-minute workshop.

The difference between this type of workshop and a free workshop is that there is often group exercises and coaching along the way. This type of workshop can be an excellent stepping stone for someone thinking about working with you but they are nervous to spend a large amount of money. This gives them the opportunity to have a micro-dose of coaching with you that can be all they need to invest in a higher-value program with you.

3) One additional option for using wellness workshops to build your client base is to record the workshop in advance and offer it as an on-demand training to your followers.

If you put the recording behind a registration page, it’ll require the person to submit their email address to get access, thereby growing your email list. You can also use the pre-recorded version as a nurturing component in your follow-up email sequence when someone subscribes for one of your other freebies. Either option works well and contributes to the nurturing process of your client’s journey with you.

When you choose wellness workshops as your main client attraction / client conversion tool you’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly you’ll begin to enroll clients in your programs.

Plus, when you choose one workshop from the library of topics I’ve created, you’ll be able to take advantage of the time-saving component of having everything you need right away and will be able to hit the ground running immediately.

When you choose one of my done-for-you workshops, it’ll leave more time for you to focus on client relationships and actually coaching. It’s often a perfect option to decide to use done-for-you tools in your coaching business so you can get to the real reason you’re in business… coaching, vs. being in development mode 24×7.

Now it’s time for you to consider where you could add one wellness workshop in your client journey. And better yet, plan to use it in multiple places in your business to build your client base.

And don’t forget, that my library of 15 done-for-you wellness workshop topics are on sale through this Thursday, November 16th at 40% off when you use the discount code: WELLNESS.


This is a great time to start planning your strategy for the new year.

How are you going to kick off 2024 with a bang so that it can be your best year in business yet?

One great option is to deliver one wellness workshop each month to help your dream clients get to know you better, learn more about your offers, and enroll in your coaching programs.

In episode 335 of The Wellness Business Podcast you’ll discover:

  • The concept of a client funnel, from attracting potential clients through free content to narrowing down to warm leads at the bottom all by delivering one wellness workshop each month

  • How wellness workshops serve a dual purpose in the client funnel: attracting new prospects and converting them into paying clients

  • The 6 key elements to a profitable workshop, including establishing, enlightening, educating, entrenching, engaging, and enrolling participants in your program

  • How workshops can be utilized in various ways in a coaching business: as free informational sessions, as fee-based coaching workshops, or as pre-recorded on-demand sessions for lead generation and nurturing

Learn how delivering just one wellness workshop each month is your path to a consistent client base in 2024 and beyond by listening to episode 335 of the Wellness Business Podcast!

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