Confidence Inside and Out

“Confidence – Inside and Out”

Have BOTH in 5 Transformational Steps

Finally SHUT-DOWN that aggravating and debilitating voice in your head that says “you are not good enough” and rewrite your CONFIDENCE story forever!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I have lots of ideas but will anyone really listen to me?
  • I’m not good enough yet for someone to hire me as their coach.
  • I don’t think I’m ready. I’m still learning myself.
  • There are so many people doing what I do. How will I ever compete?
  • You really wish you could be more confident but you have no idea HOW.

If you constantly battle yourself due to self-doubt or fear that leads to a lack of confidence – YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Everyone struggles with this from time to time.  Most people lose confidence as they experience life’s challenges.  The good news…you can learn to be as confident as you were as a head strong 2 years old.  You just need to know HOW.

As women we have faced hundreds of situations that either rocked our confidence or helped us build our confidence MUSCLE.  We’ve battled and negotiated with the toughest, hard-skinned, hard-nosed men and women, started new businesses that required TONS of confidence, pitched new product ideas and raised our families.

Our greatest successes stemmed not from our intelligence, charm, or connections in life, but from our CONFIDENCE!   And we learned that mind-set and intention are the rocket fuel for confidence. 

That’s why we created our highly interactive audio training series

“Confidence Inside and Out”

Have BOTH in 5 Transformational Steps

We will guide you through a work at your own pace program that will have you stepping up, and stepping out feeling like a million bucks (and on your way to making a millions bucks if you so desire!)

What we’ve got for you…

►  A 5 step fool proof system for rewriting your own confidence story

►  The 1 thing you should NEVER do if you want to be confident 

►  A guided process for uncovering your fears so they can never sabotage you again

►  How to “back talk” your fear gremlins. It’s fun and will have you laughing at them for how worthless they have now become

►  Karen & MaryAnn’s formula for ‘rewriting’ your confidence story and easy to follow, doable daily habits

 How to emulate and model others with confidence that leads you to your own signature style (that others want to copy!)

►  5 exercises tied to each signature step that will get you taking action and mastering confidence in days

►  A “go to” confidence boosting prep sheet for your most nerve wracking moments (think presentations, workshops, selling a new client)

All this comes to you in…

5 downloadable audios (yours to keep forever)

Transcripts of each audio (so you don’t have to take notes and can focus on your own discovery of confidence)

Exercises (templates) to practice and master confidence

Best of all…

It’s simple, engaging, at your own pace and in your home!


►  No more constant nagging feeling of  self-doubt that holds you back from your dreams

►  No more –“ I should have, could have, if only dialogues” playing in your head

►  No more missed opportunities or doors closing because you didn’t “show up” as your true and authentic self

►  What opportunities would be opened up for you?

►  No more second guessing every decision and worrying about what you did or didn’t do


     ►  Each day you literally JUMP out of bed excited for all the adventure that is ahead

     ►  Key relationships in your life are harmonious and flourishing. 

     ►  You feel centered and able to love more fully from your place of abundance

     ►  You know exactly WHO you are and WHAT you have to offer

     ►  You can’t wait to take the next step in building your dreams so you can share YOU and your ideas with the world

     ►  You have an almost overwhelming feeling of gratitude you can’t contain for all the “good things” in your life

You “show up” as your true authentic self and suddenly the world opens up to you like never before!

We would be honored and thrilled to share our life changing confidence secrets with you. 

You don’t have to do it alone anymore.  We can show you the path forward.  Won’t you join us?


Have Confidence Inside and Out in 5 Transformational Steps 

5 audios with techniques that have been used at seminars that would cost you hundreds of dollars EACH…. all in this complete 5 step system

Each audio will be delivered to your email along with the corresponding worksheets.

You will receive one audio every five days allowing time between each step to do the required exercises.

Your first audio will arrive immediately upon payment.

Your investment:  ONLY $77.00



Our “What’s Your Story” Confidence Guarantee

We are confident that you’re going to love how simple we’ve made it for you to build your confidence level.  And we want you to feel very comfortable making the decision to invest in this opportunity to change your life.  

So this one is really simple.  We’re taking away all of the risk.

Take the first 14 days after you receive the first two audios and worksheets of “Confidence Inside and Out – Have Both In 5 Transformational Steps” homestudy system to immerse yourself in the program and the full collection of training and tools we’re providing.  Make sure it’s exactly what you need to grow your confidence quickly and authentically.

We are 100% confident that after you apply the steps in the “Confidence Inside and Out – Have Both In 5 Transformational Steps!” program, you will be on track to increasing your confidence level by leaps and bounds.

But if for some reason the program doesn’t meet your expectations, just write to us within the first 14 days after you’ve received the first two audios and worksheets and we will return 100% of your money out of our own pockets.

You’re fully protected by our guarantee – you have nothing to lose.  All that’s left is for you to register now!