• Confidence Boosting Strategies

The feeling of confidence is something we’re all striving for as coaches.

The definition of confidence is – a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.

In the early years, I found that my clients had more confidence in my coaching skillset than I did. #limiting beliefs

That’s because I was so hard on myself and wanted to always be the best coach for my clients.

Can you relate?

Do you find yourself doubting your confidence when you actually have all the skills and education necessary to be a valuable coach and mentor?


Today we’re discussing 5 strategies to boost your coaching confidence. These are our proven strategies for helping our coaching clients gain confidence with a willingness to see themselves through the eyes of their clients (vs. their own critical perspectives).

Strategy 1 – Realize you’re Going to Start Out as a Beginner

We all start at the beginning… brand new, so don’t compare yourself to others who are further ahead than you are right now.

This is one of the top mistakes we hear from coaches.

Most coaches feel they should be much further along, but this is mostly based on what they see other coaches doing, not realizing those coaches also started at the beginning.

You will make mistakes and have bumps along the way, and each step you take will lead you to the next one. It’s all about making progress. Setting goals right from the start can help push you past your comfort zone, so you can continue to get in front of new people, expand your reach, and get the word out about what you do.

When we think back to our mistakes and failures, we know they each led us to the next step, which helped us move forward. Not everything you do will be a home run, and that’s part of the process. Embrace being a beginner and give yourself grace each step of the way.

Strategy 2 – Practice is your Best Friend

Whether it’s doing discovery calls, hosting workshops, recording videos, or doing livestreams – you won’t be great at them all in the beginning, but each time you do it, you will get better and better.

This is the most important thing you can do if you want to feel more confident – keep practicing even when you feel like you’re not good at it because no one is at first.

When I think back to how awful I was at doing livestream video in the beginning, I laugh about it, but at the time it just felt really uncomfortable, and I was quite bad at it, honestly.

It’s a good reminder that even when you’re doing something awkward and wonder if you’ll ever get better at it, all it really takes is practice and a desire to improve.

Strategy 3 – Networking and Connecting with Peers 

It can sometimes feel a bit lonely as a wellness business owner, so often being surrounded by people who have similar goals is helpful for boosting your confidence

This could mean having an accountability partner with a colleague, where you schedule regular calls to check in, or it could mean joining a Facebook group full of your peers.

Both Kathleen and I have a Facebook group for health coaches where you can connect, share ideas, and ask questions. My group is Health Coach Client Attraction and Kathleen’s is Health Coach Biz Support.

Kathleen and I connected online years ago through an IIN Facebook group, so you never know what connections you can make.

When you feel like you’re alone on an island trying to build your business, it can be a little isolating, so be sure to tap into the power of others who understand what you’re doing and want to see you succeed.

Strategy 4 – Keep a Running List of Client Success Stories

Keep client success stories as a reminder of the positive changes you’ve helped people make so you can revisit them from time to time.

Once you start working with clients, you can either have them complete a survey at the end of the program or have them email you with something positive they experienced while working with you. Then keep some of those comments visible, so you can refer back to them as a reminder of your WHY and the difference you’re making in people’s lives.

These can also be great for testimonials for your website (be sure to get permission from people first). Sometimes if we’re having one of those weeks, we need a reminder that what we’re doing is making a difference.

Strategy 5 – Boosting your Confidence Takes Having a Mindset of Constant Growth and Learning 

Whether it’s the tech part of your business, the marketing, or something else, continuing to learn is what will help you grow.

Confidence comes from having a plan of action and knowing where to focus your time and energy, rather than feeling like you’re just spinning your wheels.

I know how much investing in the right mentors and programs can save you time and money in the long run. Whether it’s attending conferences, enrolling in online courses, or working with a business coach, learning is always a good thing – as long as you are also implementing.


In episode 355 of The Wellness Business Podcast, we’re discussing 5 strategies you can use to boost your coaching confidence as you work on building your business. More specifically, how to ultimately feel more confident in your abilities as a coach, particularly when seeing yourself through the eyes of your clients.

When we work with our health coaching clients, we often help them make strategic confidence-boosting tweaks, because it’s easy to feel a lack of confidence when you’re starting something new.

That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to share our top 5 strategies with you this week on the podcast. This way, you can begin to practice and acknowledge your confidence to quickly reach your goals and overcome challenges in your business.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • One of the top mistakes coaches make that stifle their confidence-building
  • The most important thing you can do right now if you want to feel more confident
  • How to tap into the power of others who understand what you are trying to do, so you have a support system
  • How to get a boost of confidence on the days when you feel like you need it the most

As health coaches, we empower others to make positive changes, but it’s equally important to nurture our own personal growth along the way. I promise it’s easier than you think.

Tune in to learn our top 5 strategies for feeling more self-assured as a health coach.


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