Have you ever imagined what you could accomplish in your wellness business if you didn’t have any fear? I wonder that about myself all of the time!

After being in business for over 20 years I’ve noticed something though. Once I conquer one fear and move past it, another one rears its ugly head.

For a while I was frustrated by the process.

Then I realized something.

It was kind of an ‘aha’ moment actually.

I realized that the reason new fears kept popping up was because I was moving into a place in my business that I had never been before. I was growing. I was evolving.

So my perspective has changed. Now I wear my fears as a badge of honor because it’s confirmation that I’m moving into unchartered territory, which is always my goal.

This week on The Wellness Business Podcast we’re diving into Solutions to the 3 Most Common Fears Holding You Back in Your Wellness Business.



We all have fears, (even you), and this week we’re breaking it down with tactical strategies to combat the top 3 fears we hear about from our clients the most.

✅ Your fear of talking about what you do because you feel pushy, salesy or have a lack of confidence

✅ The fear of sending regular content to your list because you might get unsubscribes

Fear of being asked a challenging question by a client and not knowing the answer, (Does this make you less credible or confirm you don’t know enough?)

As always, we’re giving you specific action items to combat each fear so you can conquer yours one by one. <insert warrior stance>

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Here’s to conquering your fears!

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