• Discovery Calls

The first time I jumped on a discovery call with a potential client I was soooo nervous!

Before the call I was saying positive affirmations, reviewing my notes, and doing everything I could to be prepared to wow my potential client and make myself irresistible as a coach so they would want to join my program.

While I wouldn’t say I totally bombed the call, it didn’t go as planned and I didn’t sign the client. #sodisappointed

During that call, I made several common mistakes which made me even more passionate about dialing in on a formula that is a win-win for me and my caller. I knew with a little practice and dedication I’d find my groove.

As you probably know, conducting discovery calls is a critical piece of the sales process for health coaches who offer 1-on-1 coaching. Making yourself available for questions and reassurance is often all someone needs to join your program.

It’s during these calls that potential clients can see how you can help them and learn about your program. It’s also where you get to learn more about what your ideal client really wants and needs so you can be sure you’re a good fit for them as a coach.


What if you could quickly increase the number of new clients you get from your discovery calls?

Did you know that I have a proven framework for health coaches who want to learn how to attract the right clients, arm them with all the necessary information ahead of time so they are ready to make a yes decision, and a step-by-step process for leading a conversation that will have them practically enrolling themselves into your program without you doing any selling.

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There are a few common discovery call mistakes that are easy to make, especially when you’re first starting out.

1) Not being clear about who the call is for and what the calls are about

This goes back to knowing your niche, and it’s important because this step will help weed out people who are not a good fit for working with you, and it will increase the number of more qualified leads you get.

2) Not making it quick and easy for people to book a call

You always want to make it easy to book a discovery call. Give prospects one easy step to book a call with you with an online calendar booking tool.

3) Not sharing enough of the benefits of your program and how it can help them

How can your program get them from point A to point B? Point A is where they are now, and Point B is where they want to go. That’s what they want to know before they can make a decision to work with you.

4) Not inviting your prospect to work with you

Towards the end of the call, recap what they find challenging about figuring it out on their own. Let them know that is something you help your clients with and how you can work together.


The more practice you get with discovery calls, the easier it gets! More clients will sign up to work with you as you get better every time you do a call.

In episode 317 of The Wellness Business Podcast you’ll discover how to avoid these four mistakes during your discovery calls:

  • #1 – Not being clear about who the call is for and what the calls are about
  • #2 – Not making it quick and easy for people to book a call
  • #3 – Not sharing enough of the benefits of your program and how it can help them
  • #4 – Not inviting your prospect to work with you

You’ll also learn…

How to get the most qualified people, (your ideal clients) to book calls with you which makes it easier to enroll them into your program

Why making it quick and easy for people to schedule a call with you will instantly increase the number of discovery conversations you’re having each month

The #1 thing you’ll want to cover during your call that makes all the difference in the caller feeling confident about joining your program

What you must do at the end of the call if you want to enroll more clients, (while this one may seem obvious it’s often overlooked by coaches and results in lost business)

Discovery calls take practice, but you can avoid common mistakes by following the strategies we share in episode 317 of the Wellness Business Podcast!

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