Client Attraction


If you’ve ever wondered why your client attraction methods aren’t working but it seems like everyone around you gets client after client you’re going to love this week’s podcast episode.


In this episode, we’re covering the top 5 reasons you client attraction isn’t working so you can get some ideas of where you want to focus your time to improve your client attraction strategies – even if you have a limited number of hours each week.


Our goal is to help you troubleshoot where things might be going wrong so you can tweak your process to one that provides better results.


The health coaches that are consistently getting new clients each month are doing a few very simple things that we’re going to share with you in this episode.


The main thing is having a plan while focusing on just a few marketing strategies that work for you, rather than chasing every possible marketing strategy out there. #nomoreshinyobjectsyndrome


After listening to this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to narrow down your core offer so that you’re crystal clear about what you’re offering and the solution and transformation you provide (if you don’t have this in place, you’re truly limiting the number of clients you attract)
  • How and where to get in front of the right people so that your marketing message is heard and excites your ideal clients
  • How to be consistent and show up regularly without it taking over your time and life, (a/k/a avoid burnout at all costs)
  • How to create a simple way for potential clients to take-action and book a call with you that feels like the next natural step and not a sales pitch


If you aren’t getting the number of new clients you would like to have or you’re not yet earning close to what you want to make, you’re going to love this brand-new episode of The Wellness Business Podcast. So, hit play and tune in!


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