Having a reliable system for client attraction is very important for every business. Without new clients you really don’t have a business.

In today’s episode, we’re diving into how to systemize your client attraction with a strategy that is simple and will save you time! You don’t need to create hundreds of resources because the MOST important thing is to create resources that identify and solve your clients’ problems.

That’s why we’re sharing how to identify your ideal clients’ problems, how to write the perfect client attraction message, and then finally tying it all together to create resources that your clients ACTUALLY need and want by identifying five essential criteria.


If you already have a client attraction system that works for your business, you’ll still come away from this episode knowing exactly what to consider when you create new resources for your ideal clients which will make the process so much easier!

After listening to this episode, you’ll know all about…

  • How to identify your ideal clients and their problems so choosing free resources to get their attention will be a breeze
  • Figuring out your customer journey (this is KEY!) so your ideal client always knows the next step they should take with you
  • Perfecting your client attraction message so your ideal client knows they are in the right spot
  • What resources you actually need to create and how to use them for the greatest number of new ideal clients registering on your email list
  • Pre-planning your client attraction resources and social media to save time (with specific examples for 4 weeks of topics!) so you’re not spending hours every week working on this

Take a listen to find out exactly how to simplify (and systemize) your client attraction process!

P.S: If you want even more help from us, be sure to join our Free 5-Day Training: 5 Things Every Wellness Business Needs to Get Clients where we’ll be covering ideal clients and how to create high converting free resources, plus so much more!

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