Client Agreement

One of the best things I ever did for my health coaching business was to incorporate client agreements in my onboarding process. Do you use them?

Nowadays more than ever it’s important to protect yourself legally.

That’s why we invited our amazing friend and colleague, Lisa Fraley–Attorney, Legal Coach and Holistic Lawyer–back to The Wellness Business Podcast.

Being clear on policies and expectations is important and a client agreement helps protect yourself legally in case any disputes could come up. It also spells out expectations for the client and coach, so everyone feels more comfortable right from the start.

After listening to this episode, you’ll have clarity on:

  • What a client agreement is and when a health coach should use one to protect themselves during the coaching relationship
  • How a client agreement protects health coaches from a legal standpoint because everything is clearly spelled out
  • The 5 crucial components of a client agreement to make sure that you are completely covered
  • How to use your client agreement to strengthen the client-coach relationship and put you both at ease

If you’ve been wondering if you need a client agreement and/or what it should include, this episode is for you.

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