I have great news for you today and I’m beyond excited to spill the beans.

I’m giving you a VIP access pass to a private-members training that we did recently inside the Wellness Business Insider’s Club.

This live training that we did for our members was pure gold and we’ve decided to share it with you as a loyal podcast listener.

Want to know why you are going to want to make time to plug in your earbuds and dive right in…

… because it’s going to help you get more clients in your wellness business.

In my experience, every single client I work with struggles because of one main oversight in their business model.

They aren’t dialed in on who their ideal client is.

A truly marketable ideal client that is actively looking for help and willing to pay for coaching support. #coachinggoldrightthere

That’s why we chose to kick off our membership program with a bang by addressing the topic of ideal clients and choosing a marketable niche.

After listening to this recorded training, a second time we knew it was just too good to keep it to ourselves.

So, my friend, we’ve decided to give you the benefit of one of our private members only live trainings where we coach several of our members live.

You’ll hear us walk them through the process of getting clarity on the biggest question you should be asking yourself right now, “Who do I serve?”

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The importance of narrowing your target market to one target audience making your job in marketing your programs a breeze
  • How to do your own market research using Facebook pages, live streams, and targeted ads to identify your own marketable ideal client
  • How to blend the unique qualities of your ideal client into one cohesive avatar image that you know inside and out
  • Identifying what sets your coaching apart and what offer to lead with to quickly enroll a new client into one of your programs 
  • The value of knowing search words and phrases your ideal client uses so your marketing and content will be found easily  
  • Why you are missing a golden opportunity to become profitable in 2019 if you aren’t already a member of the Wellness Business Insider’s Club, (but don’t worry… it’s not too late to take action)

You can listen here on the website or on your favorite podcast app (Apple Podcasts for iOS, and Stitcher or GooglePlay for Android). Just search for “The Wellness Business Podcast” and click subscribe, so you get a new episode every week. You can also listen on Alexa, Google Home AND Spotify!

Enjoy your exclusive VIP access into the Wellness Business Insider’s Club!