Challenges are a powerful tool that not only support your participants in learning new things and helps them get to know you, they also share incredible insight into what your future customers need next from you.

When you pay close attention to the questions that are being asked, the reasons participants are having successes, and why some people may be left-behind you are armed with a goldmine of information to guide your business decisions going forward about creating a new program.

I recently ran a challenge called the Client Attraction Video Challenge inside my private Facebook Group. It was the fourth time I ran it and it convinced me that I definitely need to create a brand-new program to serve her ideal clients on the topic of video. The challenge made it obvious that there is a need and that I have the skillset to deliver the program.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why challenges are the perfect tool to help you get clarity on a program topic you would like to create, (and whether you’re audience would pay for the information)
  • The subtle clues your challenge participants will share with you that will literally outline your new program for you
  • My post challenge strategy for learning even more about what your audience wants that you can model in your own business
  • Our simple 5-step strategy to know if you should pursue a brand-new program in your business or wait until you have more information.

If you’ve had questions about what your ideal clients really want and need from your programs and how to go about gathering that information, challenges are a great way to get started and that’s what this episode is all about!

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