CELEBRATION!! Episode #50 –
Create Your Free Offer In 1 Hour Or Less


2014 seems to be the year everyone is talking about list building and email marketing. Every client I have worked with this year has asked me to help them design a solid list building / email marketing campaign to attract more of their ideal clients.

In a recent Forbes article, “Why Email Is Still More Effective Than Social Media Marketing”, stated that, email is effective because it’s permission-based. The people on your email list have given you the go-ahead to send them messages. They’re bought in. And, with the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, they’re always listening. In fact, email is the number-one activity for people on their phones.

So the question on everyone’s mind is… “How do I get more people on my list?”

It starts with your Signature Promotional Giveaway, also known as your free offer. A free offer targeted specifically at your ideal client’s pain points is the quickest and most effective driver of email list growth.

Today’s very special, 50th Episode of KarenPattock.TV, is dedicated to showing you exactly how to design a Signature Promotional Giveaway that will quickly attract your ideal client. But I’m not stopping there….

I’ve also created a template you can use to draft your own Signature Promotional Giveaway in 1 hour or less. That’s right… I’m breaking it down and keeping it simple.

No more excuses! No more procrastination!

Today is the day that you and I, together, create a free offer that attracts the clients you anxiously want to work with.

You can download your F.R.E.E. copy by clicking this link: Signature Promotional Giveaway Template.

Grab a pen & paper! This special 50th Episode of KarenPattock.TV is going to blow you away.

Supporting you every step of the way,

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