Valuable Lessons Every Business Owner Should Know

  This weekend I attended an amazing event in Orlando, Florida called the Social Media Smartphone GPS Summit 2012.  It was a wonderful experience.  Not only was I able to meet my mentor for the first time in person, I also was able to hear Gary Vaynerchuk from... [ read more ]

My Once In A Lifetime Experience

  This past weekend I attended a coaching retreat with six other people in Breckenridge, Colorado to focus on strength building.  What an amazing experience!  Everything about the entire event stirred emotion and growth in every part of my heart and soul. Going... [ read more ]

Choose Your Referral Partners Based On Your Expertise

  I have to admit that when I posted my article last week, “Stand up and shout, I am an EXPERT and I CAN help you”, I was blown away by the number of comments, Facebook posts and emails that I received.  You all had lots to say and you certainly let me know that... [ read more ]

Designing An Opt-In That Will Get People On Your List

I remember starting my health coaching business and there were so many decisions to make.  The first time I heard someone talk about building a list I thought, “What list”?  Next I heard someone talk about designing an opt-in offer and I thought, “What’s an opt-in... [ read more ]

Client Testimonials Are Like Money In The Bank

Recently I was talking to a Health Coach I know and our conversation drifted to client testimonials.  She told me that she never asks her clients for them anymore.  She used to collect them but she said she didn’t really know what to do with them so she decided to... [ read more ]

It’s Not What You Know, It’s WHO You Know

I can remember hearing my mother say this for years before I was ever in business and I really didn’t understand the profound impact of this principle.  It helps to have strong technical skills in your field, to understand your market, to be organized and have... [ read more ]