Thinking Beyond Your Next Big Launch

Thinking Beyond Your Next Big Launch By: Karen Pattock Have you ever noticed that many of the so-called big ‘coaching gurus’ appear regularly in your email inbox only when they’re ready for their next big launch, then they disappear for months until it’s time for... [ read more ]

Have You Found Your Sweet Spot Yet?

It’s true there is a sweet spot in your business. It’s the place where you finally feel like the huge learning curve is behind you and you’ve started to get in the groove.  You’re making connections, getting clients, making money and feel like the tough stuff is... [ read more ]

Are You Working Your Business Like a Hobby or a Career?

  Building a business and being a business owner is the BEST thing in the world!  At least that is the message that was given in an article I read this week on entrepreneurialism.  Sure, owning your business has a lot of perks.  You can set your own hours, you... [ read more ]

Recipe for Disaster….

  Today I read a post from a fellow Certified Health Coach that nearly broke my heart.  She was venting her frustration in not being able to find more clients for her Health Coaching business.  In her post she explained that she had hoped to quit her regular job... [ read more ]

Choose Your Referral Partners Based On Your Expertise

  I have to admit that when I posted my article last week, “Stand up and shout, I am an EXPERT and I CAN help you”, I was blown away by the number of comments, Facebook posts and emails that I received.  You all had lots to say and you certainly let me know that... [ read more ]

Designing An Opt-In That Will Get People On Your List

I remember starting my health coaching business and there were so many decisions to make.  The first time I heard someone talk about building a list I thought, “What list”?  Next I heard someone talk about designing an opt-in offer and I thought, “What’s an opt-in... [ read more ]