Have You Heard Me Beating The Consistency Drum?

Have You Heard Me Beating The Consistency Drum? By: Karen Pattock I know we’ve talked about consistency many times before but today I’m taking it to a whole new level. It’s true that consistency is one of the main components health practitioners use to grow a... [ read more ]

You Will Never Make A Sale If You Do This!

  As business owners we all have one thing in common, we want to sell our products or services. There is one key difference though between making a sale to a happy customer or them walking away completely offended. Watch today as I share with you an experience... [ read more ]

Hitting The Reset Button

We’re inching our way closer to the end of 2012 and often the close of one year and the start of another feels like we are hitting a reset button. It’s the mental boost we need to leave behind the things that didn’t go just right and look forward to the potential of... [ read more ]

Are You Doing This Regularly In Your Business?

Many health practitioners and business owners struggle to establish consistency in their business. It’s one of the biggest reasons many businesses fail to gain momentum and ultimately the owner gives up. Watch today as I share with you what consistency means in your... [ read more ]

Have You Found Your Sweet Spot Yet?

It’s true there is a sweet spot in your business. It’s the place where you finally feel like the huge learning curve is behind you and you’ve started to get in the groove.  You’re making connections, getting clients, making money and feel like the tough stuff is... [ read more ]

Are You Working Your Business Like a Hobby or a Career?

  Building a business and being a business owner is the BEST thing in the world!  At least that is the message that was given in an article I read this week on entrepreneurialism.  Sure, owning your business has a lot of perks.  You can set your own hours, you... [ read more ]