Accessorize Your Business

Accessorizing Your Business – To Buy Or Not To Buy! We’ve worked hard…. We’ve planned, prayed and strategized … and now….. without any further delay… I introduce to you a whole new way to connect with me every single week, for... [ read more ]

Leadership – Your Contingency Plan

Leadership – Your Contingency Plan By: Karen Pattock Watch today’s episode as I share with you my big breakthrough that came when my personal life got in the way of building my business. Some of you believe that you can compartmentalize your business, your personal... [ read more ]

The Road Less Traveled Often Leads To The Greatest Rewards

The Road Less Traveled Often Leads To The Greatest Rewards By: Karen Pattock Our trip to Maui has been nothing short of spectacular. It’s everything we remembered and more. We’re just one day away from our 15th wedding anniversary and plan to do one of the... [ read more ]

My Gift To You For 2012

    My Gift To You For 2012 On today’s episode I will be sharing with you a powerful tool that I have recently used that completely altered my thoughts concerning my life and business, not only for 2012 but looking forward to 2013 as well. This tool is free... [ read more ]

12 Days Of Christmas Sale – MADMAL

  50% Off All Of Our Products & Trainings This is your chance! It’s your opportunity to take advantage of tremendous savings on every single product & training we offer at Make A Difference Make A Living.   Think what your life could look like if... [ read more ]