For decades people have been using a stage for theatrical productions, a marketing platform or musical concerts.  It’s a place that we all associate with a so-called performance mindset, right?  The person on stage has been given a script of some sort, practiced it over and over and now they are giving the performance of their life.  Although that is all true, there is a new type of stage that has taken front and center lately.  Yes, your business is your stage.

Now, before you instantly get an uncontrollable case of stage fright let me explain.  It has come to my attention as the months and years roll by for me as a business owner that by putting myself out there, creating relationships and sharing what I believe in I have created a different kind of stage.  It’s not the stage where I’m regurgitating a practiced script filled with self-serving, highly manipulative statements designed to get you to take out your credit card to buy something.  Instead it is a stage where authenticity and compassion fill the air and it’s shared by every one of my clients. 

The same is true for you in your business

Somewhere along the line, as an entrepreneur, you came to the conclusion that you have a message that you want to share with the world.  Whether it is a product or a service, it is the thing you believe in and you’re compelled to tell others about it.  You can’t do that unless you are willing to step up on the stage of your business to become the voice of your message.

Are you someone that has struggled with the perfect logo, what colors you should use on your website, what is your ‘perfect’ tagline?  The answers to those questions can be daunting.  The minute you think you have it figured out you begin to second-guess yourself.  Truth is, not one of those things makes you money or is critical to your message while on stage.  Of course having a professional looking website is important but it isn’t the thing that will cause someone to purchase from you, (unless of course you are a website designer). 

The answer to the question, “What will cause someone to purchase from me?”, has an easy answer.  The answer is YOU!  Every single day you have the opportunity to stand up on the stage of your business to create an environment for your clients that lets them know you are real and can be trusted. 

Recently someone said to me that a brand isn’t a fancy logo, a carefully worded tagline or the message you are desperately trying to convey.  Your brand is, “the feeling your clients get when they are interacting with you and your company”. Wow!  That’s worth saying again, isn’t it? 

“Your brand is the feeling your clients get when they are interacting with you and your company.” 

If that isn’t a million dollar tip I don’t know what is.  What does that mean for you and your company?  Have you ever thought about how you want a client to feel while they are interacting with you?  It’s a great takeaway exercise.  Spend some time today writing down ten things you want people to feel when they engage with you.  What is their takeaway thought or feeling?

It’s reasonable to think that this will be a work in progress.  It makes sense that as you gain clarity on whom you want to and were designed to help that your brand will gain clarity as well.  To get you going on your business stage, here are some tips and strategies that you’ll find helpful.

1)   Be authentic – It’s so much easier to just be yourself.  There is no need to copy someone else or work hard at being super professional.  Let you personality shine through because that is where real connection is made.

2)   Don’t sell, sell, sell – Stop selling your product or service each time you communicate with your clients.  No one likes to be sold all of the time.  Real relationships are made when you truly care about your clients.  No more bombarding them with sales tactics that end up with them removing themselves from your list. 

3)   Share your life – Through your newsletters, blog posts and posts on social media be sure that you are sharing your life.  Did you see a great movie last night?  Tell them about it.  Find an amazing product at the grocery store that is the next best thing since sliced bread?  Share what it is.  Be a good friend!

4)   I’m in the right place at the right time – There is a reason that you have chosen the journey of entrepreneurialism, (and please don’t tell me it’s all about the money).  When you know in your heart and soul that you have a message that will help others be successful in their lives then you must believe you are in the right place at the right time.

5)   It’s a privilege to be in the position you are in even if you’re struggling – It’s not always easy to be the person on stage.  At times it feels like you are a fish out of water.  However, it’s imperative to remember that it is a privilege to be a business owner.  It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to struggle through the necessary ups and downs that starting a new business presents.  The payoff is that as leaders in our industry we come out stronger on the other side of those struggles and thereby increase our skill and expertise.

Sadly, far too many people just look at their business as a way to make money.  Unless you want to be in and out of business quicker than you can blink an eye, you need to be in it for more than just money.  You must look at the bigger picture and the impact you can have on others that are struggling.

A few reminders:

Your logo, tagline and message are not your brand.

Building trust and relationship with your clients is easily done by being authentic and sharing your life with them.

Your business is your stage.  It’s your opportunity to create an environment that gives people that special feeling that is designed by you and you alone.  Take it seriously and get out there on your stage…. no more stage fright.

To your success,



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