Cue the confetti and pour the bubbly because The Wellness Business Podcast turns 100 episodes old today!

Yes, it’s true, our baby is turning 100 and we couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve accomplished.

Will you celebrate with us?

We’re giving away the biggest prizes we’ve ever given away here on the podcast valued at $1,000.

Let me tell you how we’re celebrating.

First, we thought it would be fun to bring on a few of our past guests, the rockstar coaches that are doing big things in their businesses, to answer the question we posed to them which is: 

”What is your top suggestion or recommendation for coaches that are just starting out or who are struggling in their business?”

Each of these coaches has a unique perspective on what has helped them grow their business, and we know you’ll be inspired by each one of them as they share their advice with you.

What we loved about their responses is that none of them are about bells and whistles or fancy gadgets. Instead, they share the one thing that has truly been the game-changer for them to move them from a struggling health coach to a profitable business owner running a coaching practice that they love almost overnight.

Listen in to hear their personal message just for you.


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