How To Build A List

Dear Health, Wellness & Fitnesspreneur and anyone who wants to build a reputation as an health expert in their local community:

Several years ago when I first graduated as a Certified Holistic Health Coach I knew that my first priority had to be building my reputation as an expert in my local community. I knew that the quickest and most direct path to profiting was building relationships and trust with not only my future clients but also referral partners.

Whether you have already been in the health, wellness & fitness industry for a while or you’re just getting started, this course is for you. Maybe you’ve been successfully working with clients but want to grow a bigger business…. or maybe you’re ready to reach out to colleagues in your community to build referral partnerships. I can help!

Health, wellness and fitness are in mainstream media more than ever before in history. More and more focus each day is on taking control of your health through positive changes rather than popping another prescription drug. That’s where YOU come in!


Holistic health, fitness programs, essential oils, yoga, etc. are all becoming the “go-to” resources for people to improve their health. Your products and services are what they need to make their journey as simple and easy as possible. Now you can learn how to confidently build your reputation, as an expert, as a way to reach more clients and referral partners, therefore, building a list of highly targeted connections.

Listen to me as I share the exact steps I took to build my reputation as a Health Expert in my local community, AND YOU CAN TOO!


Do you want more clients but haven’t quite found your unique groove for talking about what you do? Do you know how beneficial it would be to have relationships with referral partners that recommend your products and services but haven’t figured out how to build that rapport? Any serious health & fitnesspreneur can design their unique strategy for building a qualified list in just a few simple steps.

It’s never been easier to be a Health, Wellness & Fitness Business Owner since there is so much information being shared on the topic. You can easily attract exactly the right clients and referral partners for your specific niche’. In this course I will walk through each step with you, by audio, teaching you how to confidently talk about what you do, how to capture a name and email address as well as how you will continue to build trust with your list so they will feel comfortable in purchasing your products and services.

YOU will come along with me as we craft your personalized conversation starter as well as a very specific way of keeping the person you’re talking to actively engaged in conversation with you. The KEY to finding the right words is easier than you think. It just takes a little bit of pre-planning on your part. Here’s a clue… If your prospective client or referral partner stays actively engaged in the conversation, you are on the right track.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Get really, really clear on your target market and why it’s so important to your success
  • The Power of a well-designed dialogue
  • How to use mainstream media to help potential clients and referral partners connect the dots to the value of what you offer
  • How to draft your own specific and authentic “Who/What Conversation” dialogue
  • The technique used by myself and other successful business owners to generate desire in your products and services
  • What questions you can ask during that initial conversation that will establish a trust factor from the very beginning
  • How to capture the name and email of the person you’re speaking to without feeling pushy or salesy
  • The best method to move from an initial conversation to booking an appointment to discuss your products and services in detail
  • How to move your confidence from ‘fizzle to sizzle’

And so much more!!! I’m sharing it all with you! FINALLY, you will be able to answer the dreaded question, “What do you do?” without worrying that you are going to say too much, not say enough or completely miss the mark with your perspective client or referral partner.


This course walks you, step-by-step, through the process of drafting your unique conversation starter based on your area of expertise.

Remember… you only get one chance to make a first impression!

I can’t WAIT to show you the exact process I developed to create interest in my products and services when I was starting out as a Certified Holistic Health Coach. This course is for the serious health & fitnesspreneur who is ready to DO THE WORK and wants to build the business of their dreams while serving their clients and referral partners.


Once you’ve completed the exercises, you’ll feel confident to engage in a conversation about what you do AND have the tools to create interest in your products and services. You will build a list of highly targeted clients & referral partners that want to participate in what you have to offer. No more fumbling over your words when asked about your profession. Instead you will be confident, ready to engage in a two-way conversation and poised to close the deal on the spot!

Through audio we will work through each assignment in the 49-page working coursebook & accompanying 54-page workbook. Both are filled with exercises that build upon one another as a way to prepare you for a successful conversation with your potential client or referral partner. Together we will draft a basic script that keeps you in control of the conversation, intrigues the person you’re talking to and allows you to collect their name and email address for future relationship building.

I’ll teach you how to say the words so naturally you’ll be shocked you actually wrote the copy yourself! You will learn to focus on what is important to your client or referral partner and how to use that information to create interest and momentum in your conversation. This is KEY!

There is a ‘recipe’ to successful prospect conversations. I’m giving you the SECRET SAUCE to that recipe. It’s a formula that substantially increased the number of clients and referral partners I had in my practice, which also substantially increased my income. (I still use the same techniques in my business today.)

HOW TO BUILD A LIST PRODUCT Do you want to feel more confident when speaking to potential clients?

Are you ready to build a big list of highly-targeted clients and referral partners all wanting to hear more about your products and services?

Do you want more clients to purchase from you as a result of you confidently answering their questions?

Do you want to increase your income because NOW clients want to work with you?

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