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Don’t ya just love it when someone shares a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how they did things to become successful?

Anytime a podcast promises to share that kind of information I’m all ears.

This week on The Wellness Business Podcast we’re doing just that for you.

We’re moving into the second part of our two-part series on Successfully Building A Health Coaching Business While Working Another Job.

Let’s talk about the value of outsourcing when you’re getting started, but also not spending all your money on hiring help. We’re sharing a few budget-friendly option that you’re going to love.


Many coaches that we talk to believe that they don’t have the money to invest in virtual support. We believe that is a limiting belief and in this episode, we’ll help you reframe your belief around getting support as well as how you can ease into the outsourcing process.

Option #1: Project Only Support – This type of help would be related to a certain project, for example, having a pdf created as a freebie, video editing for your paid program, or graphics created for your next promotion.

Option #2: Promotion Only Support – This type of help would be for a certain period of time. For instance, you bring someone on for a 14-day period during your next launch. They would help you during the hectic periods, (right before, during, and right after the launch). This type of support can be invaluable during a launch period because there are so many moving parts that are happening all at the same time.

Option #3: Pre-Established Number of Hours Each Week/Month – This is an option that offers more consistent help for you and your business but can still be budget friendly when you plan ahead with the tasks and job description of what you want support with. This is a great opportunity to pass along repetitive tasks that need to be done but don’t require that you handling them. It’s also a great way to add accountability and consistency to your business because you have a set schedule with another person.

The top 5 tasks that we recommend outsourcing when you’re first starting out are:

  1. Blog posts – research and uploading to your website
  2. Social media – writing, scheduling, graphics
  3. Uploading emails into your email management system
  4. Client resources – recipes, blog articles, free downloads
  5. Graphics

We’re sure your next question is… where do I find virtual support? That’s a great question. We’ve found amazing people through the years using a couple of different resources.

The first one is Fiverr.com. This website is great for finding contractors for one off projects like pdf creation or graphics creation.

The next resource that has served us really well over the last few years is a Facebook group called: Virtual Assistant Savvies

This is an excellent group to find virtual support in every possible area of your business.

The key to getting great help is to take the time to know exactly what you are looking for, (whether that’s a task description, number of hours per month, or periodic help).
One of the easiest ways to craft your own job description is to join the group and look at what other people are posting.

I also have a free download that will help you be successful in hiring virtual support no matter what your needs are. It’s called Outsource Like a Pro: 10 Steps to Outsourcing. It will be a valuable resource as you work through this process.

Here’s the thing, when it comes to successfully building your health coaching business while working another job it’s important to realize that there is only so much of your time to go around and while you can build your business at a slower pace, which is fine, it’s still important to pull in virtual support as needed so you can focus on the things that actually get you clients as well as leaving time in your calendar to actually work with clients.


In episode 295 of The Wellness Business Podcast, we’re wrapping up a two-part series called: Successfully Building A Health Coaching Business While Working Another Job.

We know that many coaches want to build a thriving full-time practice so they can leave their regular job and be in charge of their day-to-day schedules.

In this episode you’ll discover…

  • Our top five recommended outsourcing tasks when you’re first starting out
  • Three budget-friendly options to get virtual support without breaking the bank
  • How you’ll know when it’s time to transition your coaching business full-time so you can quit your 9-5.

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