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It’s time to shake things up around here and you’re invited!

We’re trying something new on the podcast this week and we’re really excited to see what you think.

Here’s what it looks like…

Every 4-5 weeks we plan to dedicate one episode to a real-time conversation between the two of us as friends and business partners.

1) We’ll chat a bit about what’s going on behind the scenes in our lives at the moment, which could be personal or related to our business.

2) Then we’ll discuss one trending topic that’s going on in the health coaching space that we think will benefit you.

3) Lastly, we’ll wrap up by answering one or two questions from coaches that we’ve received recently.

We’ve done over 300 teaching episodes of the podcast so it’s time to add another layer to what we share with you.

We get lots of questions about how we met, how we started the podcast, what made us start a business together, etc., and now we’re sharing all the behind the scenes details with you, too.

We know how much you all love when we chat about what’s going on with us, share funny stories about our friendship and keep it real when it comes to the challenges in building an online business and that’s why we’re bringing you more casual conversational blogs.

Think of it like we’re all hanging out for a chat over coffee.


This week we’re diving into a topic that we’ve both worked on over the years and it’s taken time to reach a point where we feel good about the boundaries we have in place.

That topic is setting boundaries around what our responsibilities are to our clients as it relates to their success in our program.

If you’re someone that often finds yourself taking on the responsibility for your clients getting results and when they don’t, you feel like it’s your fault…

Then I’m writing directly to you.

Coaching is a relationship between you and your client.

Both of you have a part to play.

You create the plan for them to implement but it’s up to them to take action, not you.

They have to want it for themselves and be willing to do the work.

And you can’t do that for them, no matter how much they’ve invested in your program.


Next up, let’s chat about a topic that we’ve heard from some of the coaches going through our Wellness Business Accelerator program right now.

We’ve actually had this come up as we’ve been helping them define their niche.

Some of them felt resistance to define their niche because they didn’t feel like they could 100% guarantee their clients would get the promised results.

That means they wanted to keep their “ideal client identity” more general.

But that’s not the best tactic since most people are looking for a specialist, not a jack of all trades.

To dig into this further, please check out episode 165 where we walk you through 3 Steps to Identify Your Marketable Ideal Client


I recently received this question from a coach and thought some of you may be wondering the same thing.

Are there any advantages to switching your personal profile to Professional Mode? I know people can no longer friend you, only follow, you can boost posts and get insights in professional mode.

From Facebook: About Professional Mode for Profiles

Your main profile is the profile you create when you sign up for a Facebook account. This profile represents you on Facebook and is where you can share information about yourself with your friends and family.

When you turn on professional mode, you can build a public presence as a creator and maintain your personal friends and family experience.

Professional mode can help you build a public following and grow a global community.

In professional mode, you have access to

  • a bundle of professional tools,

  • enhanced safety features and, if you’re eligible,

  • monetization products that can help you build your professional presence from your profile.

Here’s what you need to know to gain access to Professional Mode in your account.

Be sure to listen in to this episode to get our feedback on whether Professional Mode is a good option for health coaches.

In episode 338 of The Wellness Business Podcast you’ll discover:

  • We’re introducing a new format called Takeaway Tuesday where we will blend personal and business updates, trending health coaching topics, and listener questions approximately once per month

  • We’re challenging you to identify which areas of your life are you super courageous in and what areas are you not and how can you balance both

  • How to define boundaries for you as a coach when it comes to your client success and results

Grab your favorite warm beverage and let’s chat like besties in episode 338 of the Wellness Business Podcast!

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