• Boosting Video Confidence

Pounding heart…

Jumbled thoughts…

Sweat on your brow…

… that’s how someone often feels when they first start doing video to market their business.

I know because that’s exactly how I felt in the beginning when I first started, (which was 2013 by the way).

Since then I’ve been on video hundreds of times, in many different applications, so I know a thing or two about making it easier to conquer the nerves that often come with doing video.

Most people are nervous on camera, so if this is how you’re feeling, you are not alone and today on The Wellness Business Podcast we are going to help you feel more confident with our 5 insider tips.

If you want to stand out on social media, grow your audience, build connections and get clients, video is a must.

When you think about who you follow and the people you feel connected to the most, it’s most likely those who you get to see on video; that’s because it feels like you’re seeing them in real time, even when it’s a recording.


One of the amazing things about being a health coach or nutritionist is that you get to decide how you want to help people and generate revenue. You get to call the shots and design your business the way you want.

Today we’re discussing, the 4 ways you can make money with your coaching expertise.

Strategy 1 – Get Familiar with the Tech 

The first step to easing your nerves is knowing which tech to use so you feel confident in how you’ll look and sound. The good news is that all you need is your smartphone, good audio, and adequate lighting.

Recording your videos near a window provides the best natural and flattering light. If you need additional lighting, a ring light is a great option.

For sound, if you’re recording video indoors with your smartphone within a few feet, a separate microphone isn’t necessary. However, if you want higher-quality audio or plan to record from a greater distance or outdoors, a wireless microphone is essential. Personally, I rarely use a separate microphone when recording with my smartphone, so you can get by without one initially as long as you’re within a few feet of your phone to maintain good audio quality.

Strategy 2 – Start Small with Short Videos 

How great is it that short-form video is so popular?

This means you can record 30 to 60-second videos without worrying that you must be on camera for a long time. Feeling like you have to record a 5 to 10-minute video can feel overwhelming when you’re starting out, so by recording shorter videos, you’ll be done before you know it, because they aren’t as time-consuming.

Just write a few bullet points about what you want to cover and hit the record button.

Strategy 3 – Use B-Roll 

Another great way to ease into doing video and build your confidence is by using B-Roll.

B-roll is a video of you doing something, but there is no talking. It could be you working at your desk or laptop, going for a walk, making coffee or tea, meal prepping, grocery shopping – almost anything really.

It can be stock footage you take, where you add music or voice-over and text to convey your message. These videos can be as short as 10 seconds. The benefit of this is you’re showing up on video, but it’s not as intimidating because you don’t also have to memorize what you’re going to say.

Strategy 4 – Practice 

This probably sounds obvious, but practice is the #1 thing that’s going to help you get better, and help you feel more confident. You will likely not be amazing on video when you start out, and that’s okay because no one is. I was horrible at video when I started a few years ago and now it’s easy and I feel confident about it – practice is just part of the process for anything we want to improve.

My best tip for recording video is to look at the camera and not the screen, and imagine you are talking to your best friend when you’re recording. You are only talking to that one person to convey what you want to say. Oh, and be sure to smile because that makes you feel relatable and look relaxed.

Strategy 5 – Build Confidence with Recorded Video with the Next Step Being Live 

This is about baby steps, building your skills, and your confidence. Recorded video is easiest because you can re-record and/or edit where needed. Live video can feel more challenging, but it’s also what helps you come across very genuine when people get to interact with you in real-time so it’s worth conquering your fear by practicing.

A great way to practice live video is to start by going live in a FB group you create just for that purpose, so you can see how things work and get a feel for the process. You can set up a group that you use for practice only, and then you’ll be ready to go live in your other groups.

Going live in a FB group with members may feel easier and less intimidating than opening yourself up to the entire platform, so if that’s the case, start there.

The goal is to get as much practice as you can, so the more often you can get in front of the camera the better.

I have a great free resource to help make this even easier for you and it’s my “Livestream Video Checklist.” You can download this step-by-step PDF, that shares the 8 steps you need in place when you’re planning to go live, you’ll know what to include in your video, how to promote it to get people to show up live, and I even share screenshots of promo graphics that I’ve used in the past for my live streams. You can get it by going to the show notes page here.


In episode 361 of The Wellness Business Podcast, we’re diving into 5 strategies coaches can use to stand out on social media, grow their audience, build connections, and get clients.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The first step in calming your nerves about doing video, even if you’re a beginner
  • The easiest way to start utilizing video right now to build momentum in attracting your dream clients
  • The #1 thing that will help you improve your videos so your audience feels like they absolutely have to watch
  • How to outline your videos to maximize watch time, (in other words how to drip out the information so it keeps your viewers engaged)

Whether you are brand new to video or you want to take your skills to the next level, tune in to this week’s episode to learn simple strategies you can start using today.


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