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A good book, the kind that really resonates with you in one particular season of your life, can stick with you for a lifetime.

I love this quote…

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

And if there is one thing that I know about you my sweet friend, it’s that you are definitely above the ordinary.

Over the years, I have read many books that have helped me be a better business owner and better version of myself.

Some of the books were so good they knocked my socks off. They were powerful lessons that came at just the right time. #lovewhenthathappens


Good books are meant to be shared and this week on The Wellness Business Podcast we’re excited to share our favs with you!

1) The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran

You’ve likely heard us talk about this book on the podcast before because it is one of our all-time favorites. If you’re a planner like we are then you’re going to love the premise of this book.

Essentially, the author shares a strategy for planning and running each 12-week increment – or 90-day interval as a year in your business. When you plan in 12-week increments, and they are considered their own individual profit and loss centers, it’s easier to stay on track with meeting your goals.


I recently did a free training in my Health Coach Client Attraction Facebook group on this very topic and my members LOVED it. If your goal is to get better at planning for your business so you can be more organized and profitable and you love the idea of breaking it into 90-day increments for more accuracy, this training is for you.

Be sure to download the companion workbook as well.

2) The Power of Less by Leo Babauta 

Kathleen read this book a few years ago and she just picked it up to read it again recently. She liked it because it’s really about simplifying things to get the best results – in business and in our daily lives.

It’s about setting boundaries and goals, so you can have better focus, less stress and live a more fulfilling life. Rather than feeling like you have to do it all, when you focus on less and you go all in, you’ll make more progress.

3) The One Thing by Gary Keller 

If you tend to not finish projects or are easily distracted by shiny object syndrome this book is for you. It is an amazing book that outlines the necessary steps to be your most productive self.

Almost every person I know is blown away by this simple concept and always wishes they would have read it sooner.

4) Rise of the Youpreneur by Chris Ducker 

The subtitle is: The definitive guide to becoming the go-to leader in your industry and building a future-proof business.

It’s kind of like your A-Z guide for starting and growing a business for your personal brand.

Kathleen and I both met Chris in person, we’ve had him on the podcast a couple of times, and he’s a great teacher, so he has a way of breaking things down in easy to understand and implement steps, so the book is very actionable.

5) Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person by Shonda Rhimes 

The book is an eye-opening personal account of what can happen in a person’s life when they take the blinders off and open themselves up to whatever the Universe will bring.

I loved this book because it’s so easy to double down on building a business once you’ve made the decision to become an entrepreneur and forget everything else around you. After reading Shonda’s book I realized how isolated I had become since starting my business in 2011 because I was focused on building the best business I could. After reading this book a few years back I’ve reprioritized the things that are truly meaningful to me, open myself up for the unexpected, and to say ‘yes’ more than I say ‘no’.

6) Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker

The subtitle is: How to work with virtual staff to buy more time, become more productive and build your dream business.

This book was instrumental to Kathleen when she was looking to start outsourcing things in her business. It’s a complete step-by-step guide that walks you through how to decide what to outsource, how to find the right people, writing a good job description, communicating with your virtual team and much more. One of the trickiest things for me in the beginning was trying to figure out what to delegate, and this book was really helpful. Highly recommend it!

7) Perception: Take Charge of How Others View Your Brand, Become Irresistible, and Make a Bigger Impact by Christo Hall & Franziska Iseli 

I loved this book and have read it a few times now over the years. What I loved most about this book is that they used 3 different entrepreneurs, at different stages of their businesses, to illustrate their marketing strategies. This is not your everyday boring marketing book. Instead, the authors brought their teachings to life through the telling of a day-in-the-life of three friends that are all business owners. It’s a quick read and will have you turning the page to find out what happens next.

Perception teaches you to take charge: to define and then create the perception of you or your business that will lead you to the lasting success you desire. It is aimed mainly at small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking towards defining a brand strategy targeted at increasing business growth. The strategies behind influencing perception outlined in this book also work to shape our personal lives as well.


These are our favorite books from the last 10 years. The ones that made an impact in one way or another on us personally, in our business, or both.

How many of these books have you read already?

In episode 324 of The Wellness Business Podcast we talk about our favorite books that shifted our mindset and our understanding of entrepreneurship:

  • A list of our favorite business and mindset books that made a lasting impression on us in our entrepreneurial journey and life

  • Insight into what we loved about each book and why we believe they will have an impact on you too

  • Personal stories of what we were struggling with along the way and how these books pushed us to change and grow

For the full list of how each book impacted us, listen to episode 324 of the Wellness Business Podcast!

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