Blog Post Roundups


Getting traffic to your website isn’t the easiest thing to do these days. With more and more websites being added each month the competition is growing at a rapid pace.


While that’s all true, there is one free strategy that has always, and still, works like gangbusters. It’s called the blog post roundup.


What you need to know right now


A blog post roundup is a way for you to create a collaborative blog post that combines the expertise and knowledge of you and your colleagues on a single topic.


In this episode, we’re sharing how to create and use blog post roundups to build your brand and email list. Not to mention, skyrocket your website traffic almost overnight.


The great thing about this type of blog post is that it benefits everyone involved: you, your collaborators, and the readers.


Blog post roundups are fantastic for your marketing, too, because you can get a lot of visitors to your website, more opt-ins, more social media followers and more Facebook group members with one single piece of content.


In this episode, you’ll learn our 3-step process for writing captivating blog post roundups, plus…

  • How to use blog post roundups to be seen as a leader and influencer in your niche, not only by your followers but by your colleagues as well
  • How to decide on a topic that your audience will actually be interested in almost guaranteeing a spike in website traffic and email subscribers
  • What to include in your roundup and how to structure it to make it visually attractive, (we have some juicy examples for you too!)
  • How to find and choose the perfect contributors who will resonate with your audience, (this info is a super ninja strategy that quickly grows the awareness of you and your brand)
  • What you need to do to get as many eyes on your post as possible without spending a single dime


Blog post roundups are a powerful marketing strategy that have huge momentum for zero dollars. Listen in as we give you the step-by-step so you’ll increase traffic to your blog, get more email subscribers, social media followers, and Facebook group members!

Plus, be sure to grab your 2 Expert Blog Roundup Email Invitation Templates so you can master your roundup collaboration outreach!


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