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How To Confidently Answer the Question, “What Do YOU Do?” – Working Manual

The key to unlocking your success as a Health & Wellness Practitioner!

FINALLY, you will be able to answer the dreaded question, “What do you do?” without worrying that you are going to say too much, not say enough or completely miss the mark with your potential client.

“What Do YOU Do?” is a 49-page Working Manual that walks you through the process of drafting your unique response to the question, “What do you do?”, based on your area of expertise. You will be confident, ready to engage in a two-way conversation and poised to close the deal on the spot!

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BRAND NEW! – The Startling Truth About Your Business Plan

Why Vision & Setting Goals Can Be The Difference Between Success & Failure!

Visualizing more income, more clients and increased product sales is only half of the equation for success. You also need a plan!

The Startling Truth is an 80-minute audio/visual class with worksheets, PowerPoint presentation and marketing and financial plan templates. Let me teach you how to move the vision you have for your business out of your head and onto paper so you will have an easy-to-implement plan to work from in the coming months.

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Secrets, Tools & Methods To Create Killer Blogs & Newsletters That Get Your Noticed By Your Target Market

Let me teach you in 7 simple steps how to write a newsletter or blog that will quickly get you noticed by your target market all while establishing you as an expert. You’ll learn to build a targeted house list that is ready and eager to purchase your products & services.

Secrets, Tools & Methods is a 90-minute training that includes a PowerPoint Presentation and corresponding manuals designed to get you connecting quickly.

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Confidence Inside and Out – Have Both in 5 Transformational Steps

Finally SHUT-DOWN that aggravating and debilitating voice in your head that says “you are not good enough” and rewrite your CONFIDENCE story forever!

Confidence Inside and Out comes with 5 downloadable audios (yours to keep forever), Transcripts of each audio (so you don’t have to take notes and can focus on your own discovery of confidence) and Exercises (templates) to practice and master your confidence.

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