Have you ever heard someone say, “If you aren’t making money in your business then you just have a very expensive hobby?”

Well that was me the first 18 months of my business.

I was developing one off programs and they actually sold pretty well but they were low cost programs and the truth is I couldn’t create them fast enough to cover my expenses.

For a while I tried to create one new program offering a month but it didn’t take long and I was mentally exhausted.

I knew I couldn’t sustain that pace so I did something strategic. I surveyed my email list and created a program that addressed the exact problems they were having.

A few months later I beta launched my STEP Into More Profits program.

I offered it for a ridiculously low price, limited the group size to only 50 people and the next thing you knew I had my first beta launch under my belt.

On this episode of The Wellness Business Podcast we’re taking your through the steps to use a beta program in your next launch.

In this episode, we’ll cover…

  • Ten specific steps to beta test your first program
  • The magic number for beta testers
  • What metrics to measure for success
  • How to get specific feedback from beta testers
  • Strategies for offering support to beta testers

To make things as simple as possible, I’ve created a workbook that walks you through the process.

It’s called the 8 Step Beta Program Mapping Workbook (CLICK HERE to get your copy)

Making the most impact and revenue with your coaching practice starts with giving your ideal clients exactly what they need.

The easiest and fastest way to answer that question is through a simple beta test of your program.

Let’s get started!