Being Your Most Confident: It’s A Tricky Business
By: Karen Pattock

If I had a nickel for every time someone said to me, “Karen… how can you just jump into things without any hesitation? You sure are confident!”, I’d be a rich woman. In fact, I think I’d get myself a little place on the beach in Maui. <wink>

The truth is I’m not confident about every situation I am confronted with but the one thing that I do have is the belief that no matter what happens at the time I’ll make the best decision with the information that I have and keep moving forward.

There are a few misconceptions out there about confidence that may be preventing you from taking the reins of your life and breaking the mold with a newfound confidence. Let’s explore those misconceptions together.

Misconception #1: Confident people are ARROGANT people.

If you’ve ever seen someone in action that uses arrogance as a disguise for confidence and you’ve been completely turned off by it then you’re not alone. That type of behavior is what gives confidence a bad name.

Here’s the deal… Confidence is confidence and arrogance is arrogance. One cannot be compared to the other. From where I sit, confidence is an internal attribute not an external display. Certainly those that watch a confident person in action can feel their confidence and if done correctly it’s a vibration that will inspire them to become more confident in their life.

Misconception #2: Confident people are RIGHT all of the time.

Wow! Talk about pressure, right? Imagine someone wanting to gain more confidence in themselves but feeling like it somehow requires them to make all right decisions. Holy cow… no one would sign up for that.

Let’s alter that perspective slightly. Rather than every decision needing to be right, think of confidence equating to the person that just ‘makes a decision’. When you make a decision, bad, good or ugly, you’re moving forward. You’ll only be able to evaluate that decision once you have more information. More information is only going to come after you make a decision.

Bottom line… don’t be afraid to be confident enough to make a decision, (no matter the outcome). You’ll feel good about yourself that you’re moving forward and with each decision you’ll become more confident.

Misconception #3: You must be BORN a confident person.

This one couldn’t be further from the truth. To become a confident person you can start small and work your way to a higher level of confidence as you go. There isn’t a person on the planet that, given the opportunity, can’t increase their level of confidence.

The first step starts when you stop thinking or worrying about what others will say if you screw up. Sure we all love the praise and kudos we get when we make a good decision. Those ‘attaboys’ and ‘attagirls’ feel good but here’s the truth… Even when you try something new and it doesn’t go the way you had hoped you still deserve an ‘attaboy’!

Hey, let’s face it… it takes courage to put yourself out there and make a decision that others aren’t confident enough to make. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is because for once you’re not letting any moss grow under your feet. You’re what I like to call:

A Confident Decision Maker

I believe you have every opportunity to be as confident as anyone you know. Today is the day you stop doubting yourself and start making the necessary decisions to move your life and business forward one step at a time.

If you have a story of when you tried something new and it increased your confidence I want to hear it. Please come share it on my Facebook page. Your story may be the stepping-stone someone else needs to become more confident in their life. Let’s all support one another by sharing our collective experiences.
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With love & support,
Karen Pattock
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