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SPOILER ALERT! Every follower you have on social media is NOT an actual lead or prospective dream client.

It’s important to be clear on the differences between who is just an audience member vs. someone that is an actual lead so you know where to spend your time.⁠

One key to turning more social media followers into actual ideal client leads is to show up as if you are only speaking to your actual dream clients. When you do this you’ll strengthen your relationship with the right people and repel all the rest. That’s why you want to keep your followers and email list as pure as possible with the perfect clients for your program. High-quality email lists translate into more paying clients.

However, most people on social media will never move past being an audience member. They want to be inspired, entertained, and educated but they aren’t really looking to make an investment in their health.


Social media is definitely a great place to get new leads/email subscribers but just because they follow you does not make them ready to say yes to your paid program. It is just one step in their customer journey with you.

Here are 4 ways to transform your social media followers into leads and paying clients:

1. Be loyal to your social media followers
Show up consistently on social media with high-value content. Creating a posting schedule that you can stick to and that your followers can rely on is part of the loyalty process. As they begin to think about taking the next step with you, the consistency you show on social media will go a long way in moving them to become an actual lead.

2. Make your followers feel unique
There are some very easy ways to do this. First, call them out on new social posts. I’m sure you’ve seen this done many times on Instagram stories when someone will repost something from their DM’s. Another example of this is how we do this on The Wellness Business Podcast when we read questions from our Facebook groups and dedicate an entire episode to answering their question. That makes our followers feel special and unique.

3. Provide excellent customer service on social media
While the people following you on social media aren’t yet an actual lead or paying customer, it’s still important to make them feel taken care of. Many potential customers like to reach out to a business on social first. By quickly responding to answer their questions you will set yourself apart from your competition as someone that helps them get answers and results.

4. Examine your performance on each social media platform
You need to examine each social media platform to pinpoint profitable social sites where your ideal client is actively consuming content. Use the analytics dashboard to see how your content is performing across channels. All social sites have a reporting dashboard where you will see how your social media followers interact with your posts. This is a great measuring tool for what’s working and what isn’t.


Episode 282 of The Wellness Business Podcast will help you identify the key differences between the two and how to grab the attention of the right people that do want to eventually become a client. ⁠

Understanding the difference will help you determine reasonable expectations for each as well as how they both play into the success of your business. Plus, it’ll bring clarity about where to spend your time.

In this episode, you’ll discover…

  • The main differences between an audience member vs. a leads list and which one has the most potential to fill your programs with paying clients
  • 4 ways to transform your social media followers into leads and paying clients without wasting your time on the people that won’t ever invest in your program
  • How a customer journey works and why having one running behind the scenes in your business that nurtures your email list subscribers is the automation you’ve been looking for to make more sales

Tune in now to find out everything you need to know about your audience members and actual ideal client leads.

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