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When I was a health coach, I joined a membership program that gave me access to a business coach once per month to get my questions answered. It was a tremendous help to know I could get support from a seasoned coach so I could keep moving forward in building my business.

One of the things I love most about my business and supporting wellness business owners now is answering questions from health coaches, just like you. That’s why Kathleen and I decided to dedicate this week’s episode of The Wellness Business Podcast to giving feedback on a few really great questions that we’ve received from coaches lately.


Question 1 – Patty

I struggle with how much content to share without giving away the farm.

Do you have any tips on how much to share so I don’t feel like I’m giving away all the content from my paid program for free?

This is an excellent question because you want to share helpful and valuable information, but you also don’t want to feel like you’re giving away your whole system – which honestly, is kind of hard to do when you’re sharing small nuggets of information.

The best approach for not giving away the farm is to share content that teaches about the “what & why” of your area of expertise and not so much of the “how”.

For example, if your niche includes women in menopause, you could discuss why women get menopausal symptoms, what they are, how one symptom can trigger another, etc., but save the information about how to fix them for your paid program.

You’re not giving them a plan to follow, but leaving them breadcrumbs of tips, and then in your paid program, you give them the complete “how to”.

Also, remember to sprinkle client success stories and testimonials in your content. This will help your audience imagine what’s possible for them if they work with you.

Question 2 – Michelle

How do you divide the income generated from your joint ventures? Is it split 50/50, or do you track the clients you bring in separately?

This is a great question that we have figured out in our own way for the past seven years, starting with this podcast and eventually the Wellness Business Accelerator.

We like to keep track of all income and expenses for our joint ventures:

  • We track income and expenses for the podcast, and then separately for the WBA, so we know what expenses we have, where it’s coming from, and where it’s going out.
  • We have a Google sheet for the podcast and one for the WBA where we list everything by date.
  • We settle expenses and distributions every 2 months and split it 50/50 which keeps it simple.

Question 3 – Julie

I want to host a workshop at a local restaurant that offers a room free of charge for the community. My goal is to educate, gain email subscribers, customers, and health coaching clients.

Should I offer it free or charge a small fee to cover any other door prizes I will use, my time, and the cost of materials purchased for an activity? If I charge, what do you think is a fair amount?

This can be tricky to decide, and there isn’t one right way to do it, so it may involve some testing to see what gets the best results.

Generally, if your main goal is to grow your email list and attract clients, a free workshop works well. I have conducted many free workshops at local gyms, and they have been a great way to attract clients.

  • A free workshop typically covers the WHAT and the WHY of the topic, and you’re laying the groundwork for how your program is the solution to the problem they have or the goal they want to achieve.

  • A paid workshop would include more of the HOW because people are paying to get information they can leave with and implement.

Either way, you will be getting in front of new people with the opportunity to get new clients, but if you’re just starting out, testing it by offering it for free can be the way to go.


In episode 354 of the Wellness Business Podcast, you’ll discover the answer to 3 real-life coaching questions from our audience:

  • How much content to share without giving away everything for free
  • How we work as business partners when it comes to sharing income, expenses, etc.
  • Is it better to offer a free or paid in-person workshop?

We hope our answers will help you in the future with some of your plans as you create content to share, run workshops, or possibly form a collaboration or partnership.


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