Are You Ready To Reach More Clients?
By: Karen Pattock

If you aren’t already publishing, you should be! Publishing a blog or newsletter is a great way to show readers that you are up-to-date and well informed about new trends. By reading your blog or newsletter, potential clients will begin to feel confident in your expertise and trust you as a forward-thinking health coach.

There are many benefits to blogging. Writing a regular newsletter/blog is a very inexpensive form of marketing. In addition, it’s relatively simple.

Look for ways to share what you’ve written with local companies (i.e. health food stores, restaurants and fitness centers) and ask your clients to spread the word, too. Be sure to post the article link on your Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. The key is to put it in as many places as you can so you will reach the most people.

You can get started quickly with pre-designed blog templates. They are usually free on blogging host sites. Hire freelance writers or local college students to contribute by writing a few blog entries to get you started. When you find yourself with some unexpected free time, write several blog entries and save them as drafts. You can publish the posts later when you’re booked with appointments and too busy to write.

Success Tip: Carry a notepad for spontaneous inspiration that usually comes when not at your computer.

When you write posts and articles, remember that blogs and newsletters are marketing tools. Make sure that the content of your newsletter or blog is aligned with your business offerings. If you want to have a “Friday Fun” post each week in your blog or offer an “interesting facts” article in every edition of your newsletter, go for it! Just remember that the majority of what you publish should be closely related to your health practice.

The goal of blog and newsletter marketing is to display your knowledge and expertise, as well as build trust among your readers. Avoid regularly including sales pitches. Instead, focus on providing useful and relevant information in your newsletter, which will keep the reader interested and keep your newsletter out of the recycling bin.

As a business owner, blogs and newsletters are a great way to spread the word about you as a health practitioner, but there are benefits on a personal level, as well.  Use your articles as a creative outlet to talk about the benefits of what you do. Write about how the latest technology in medicine can enhance holistic practices. You can also discuss your opinion on recent studies in the benefits of meditation.

Contribute your thoughts and opinions on current trends. Infuse some of your own ideas on every subject. Tell your readers how they can benefit from this new knowledge. Later on, you can always expand on an article that you wrote for your blog or newsletter. For example, your next blog post could be great inspiration for the book you’ve always thought about writing.

In order to build a loyal following, readers need a reason to click on the link to your newsletter or blog.  Deliver interesting, relevant, informative and consistent content straight to your audience. You’ll find that it helps build your reputation as both a source of great information and as a knowledgeable health practitioner.  The titles you use for your blog or newsletter articles will either get noticed and attract attention or get ignored.  So be creative and think about what you would find interesting.

It’s true that the people on your list are following you because you offer valuable information but it doesn’t mean that it has to be ALL business. Including a personal story or photo in each article is a component that will build relationship faster than anything else you do. When your followers feel connected to you on a personal level, as well as professional, they will keep coming back for more. As you gain their trust they will be much more likely to purchase your products and services because you feel like a close trusted friend.

Many health entrepreneurs have a hard time getting started and keeping momentum with a regular newsletter. If you fall into this category, for whatever reason, click over to my Facebook Page right now and leave me a message. I want to know what is holding you back so together we can get you started in building your loyal following.  

With love,
Karen Pattock