Ready to Create a Profitable Digital Wellness Program?

My course creation mentor Amy Porterfield is a genius at teaching business owners like you and me simple techniques to create digital courses that sell. She has built a multi-million dollar business with online programs and she’s the one person that taught me everything I needed to know to create over online 25 programs of my own.


Now she’s sharing her methods and strategies with YOU! She’ll teach you how to transition your knowledge, education, and experience into an organized framework that you can sell online over and over again.


Digital Coaching Programs are the CORNERSTONE for every wellness business.


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Amy Porterfield Taught Me Everything I Know
About Creating and Profiting from Digital Courses

I started using Amy’s programs as a model for my own programs even before she started officially teaching course creation. Her courses were always well-organized, high value, and easy to implement. She had a knack for teaching strategies that were far better than any other mentor that I followed. So, I started incorporating the things she was doing into my own courses.  She has been a role model for me since the very first online program I ever created.

At this point, I’ve created more than 25 online programs and I won’t be stopping anytime soon. Amy showed me how to translate my knowledge and experience from a one-on-one coaching model to an online digital course that allowed me to sell my programs over and over and support my clients in a bigger and more affordable way. She literally changed my business!

The best news of all… Amy can show you how to do the same thing in your wellness business.

Amy is known for saying, “we all have a digital course in us”,  and I couldn’t agree more.

You may be wondering what information you possess that someone would pay for? The truth is it’s your experiences, education, and skillset that you use in your everyday life that people are interested in.

Once you organize it into an easy to follow format you are on a success path with your own digital wellness program.

Don’t believe me?

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In just 2-minutes Amy can quickly tell you which course creation approach is right for you and your ideal dream clients.

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The Digital Course Kickstarter: A 30-Day Bootcamp


Amy and I are waiting for you right now inside this incredible private Facebook Group.


Amy will be live in this group over the next 30 days teaching her best beginner
strategies for anyone considering their own digital course.


Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • Week 1 – 8/4: Choose Your Course Topic / Getting Clear on Your ICA
  • Week 2 – 8/10: Selecting Your Course Type
  • Week 3 – 8/17: Crafting A Stellar Course Name
  • Week 4 – 8/20: Pricing Your Course
  • Week 5 – 8/24: Creating Your Course Content Creation Strategy
  • Week 6 – 8/31: Scheduling Your Launch Dates
  • Week 7 – 9/14: Hot Seats


This is like a $297+ course that she is giving you access to with no strings attached, (and the best part is she is teaching it live so you can ask questions along the way!).


It’s too good not to join!

(Replays available inside the group)


August 5th – September 18th, 2020

Join the Bootcamp!

The Ultimate Course Creation Starter Kit

In her 19-page Starter Kit Amy will help you

  • Figure out a perfect course topic that fits your personality, skillset, and most importantly, attracts your ideal dream clients
  • Choose a course title that clearly represents your offer and will be irresistible to the people you most want to work support
  • Identify which type of digital course is right for you, (there are actually three frameworks to choose from so you’ll be able to pick the one that’s right for you)

FREE Sneak Peek Into Module 1 of Digital Course Academy

For a LIMITED TIME: Starting August 25th through September 2nd, you’ll have FREE Access to Module One of Digital Course Academy!

Test out the first 7 lessons of Amy’s signature course and learn:

  • How To Choose Your Course Topic
  • Getting Clear on Your ICA
  • Selecting Your Course Type
  • Crafting A Course Name
  • Pricing Your Course
  • Content Creation Strategy
  • Scheduling Your Launch Dates

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