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A Simple & Effective Time Management Tool For Your Health Business
By: Karen Pattock


Another day has passed you by. You’re crawling into bed asking yourself, “Where in the world did my day go? Why can’t I ever get the things done in my business that I planned to when I got up this morning?” If this sounds familiar I can tell you that you’re not alone. Time management and overwhelm are two things everyone deals with from time to time in their lives, especially when they own their own business.

A while ago I was listening to a podcast and the woman being interviewed said that systems are crucial to your business and that having a schedule is a system. I had to think about that for a minute because I had never considered my schedule, (or calendar), a system for my business. But after some thought I believe she is right.

I had always thought that systems were basically like checklists. You refer to the same checklist each time you do this one particular task and if you follow the items on the list you’ll end up with a successful result. For instance, I have a master travel checklist that I use every single time I travel. I may not need every single item on the list each time but I know overall this checklist encompasses everything I’ll ever need when traveling. It takes all the stress out of the equation wondering if I have everything I need.

When I started analyzing whether my schedule was a system I initially thought to myself that it couldn’t be a system since each day I wanted a different result based on what was scheduled. However, I wasn’t thinking of it from the right perspective.

My schedule changes from day-to-day, as I’m sure yours does as well. What I realized is that it isn’t necessarily what is being done each day that is the system, it’s the act of referring to the schedule and doing what’s scheduled that is the system.

So how can you use this process in your business? Here’s an example…

Let’s say you have a program you want to launch. You’ve done your homework, know exactly what your audience wants and you’re ready to deliver. Currently you wake up every morning telling yourself that you are going to work on your launch. The next thing you know it’s time for bed and you didn’t accomplish one thing.

Tomorrow, instead of just telling yourself that you’re going to “work on your launch” sit down with a pen and paper and do a ‘brain dump’. List every single thing you can think of to get your launch ready to go. I mean every single little detail.

Once you have your list completed, grab your calendar and starting with the day you want to launch, work backward plugging in every single task from your list. Be sure to allow the appropriate number of days to complete each thing to its fullest.

When you complete your schedule you’ll know if you need to adjust your launch date or if you’ve left enough time to get everything done. Effectively what you’ve created is a system with your schedule for your business. You now have a schedule that incorporates solid time management skills that will lead your launch to a success.

You can use this technique in everything you do. You will be amazed how effective this time management system really is. By doing this you eliminate the enormity of your project by breaking it down into smaller chunks. You eliminate wondering if you can get it all done because it’s scheduled on your calendar. Lastly you know exactly what you need to accomplish each day to have a successful launch.

I have been testing this technique and it has worked remarkably well for me. I have some pretty big goals this year and it has taken this style of systematized time management to stay on track. I encourage you to implement this system in your business. Try it with one project first and I’ll bet the next thing you know you’ll be using it in every part of your life.

With love and support,
Karen Pattock







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