• Goal Setting

If you’ve ever tried to map out what your business will accomplish during a 12-month period then you likely know that it’s easy to over-schedule and over-commit to what you can get done.

Hey, I love planning things out on a calendar as much as the next girl but every time I’ve tried to plan 12 months in advance I end up getting thrown off track by so many unexpected events, (good and bad).

I have been running my business in 90-day cycles for the last 4 years and I’ve been blown away by how much more effective my team and I are in reaching our goals.

When you plan in this way it is much more manageable and works in your favor to avoid the revenue highs and lows that often come with trying to plan 12 months at a time at the beginning of each year.


When you work in 90-day cycles you can plan your success milestones in a more reasonable chunk of time. In each 90-day cycle you’ll focus on…

  • One major revenue goal
  • One brand awareness goal, (summit, challenge, workshop)
  • One list-building goal
  • Social media growth goal, (FB, IG, Groups)
  • Optional: New project goal

In reality, many of these goals will work synergistically. For instance, hosting a workshop can grow your email list while also helping you make sales.

Once you’ve identified what your specific goals are in the upcoming quarter you can begin to break each goal down into smaller weekly chunks over the next 12 weeks.

Looking for a step-by-step plan for the next 90 days? Watch my free 90 Day Business & Goal Setting Training.


In episode 262 of The Wellness Business Podcast, we’re going to teach you how to leverage your time and energy to build your business in a way that results in more profits and the healthiest version of you as a business owner by planning in 90-day increments.

You’ll discover:

  • Why working in 90-day cycles to complete your goals makes you more productive and profitable
  • A sample 12-week project plan for hosting a wellness workshop for client enrollment
  • Why planning a 12-month calendar for your business can lead to feelings of failure and burnout and switching to a 90-day goal-setting system will not

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