Whether you call them your ideal client, your tribe, your client avatar, your peeps or any other affectionate name you can come up with they all boil down to the same meaning…

… someone you want to sell your programs, products or services to.

More and more, as I expand my private coaching program, I’m realizing that the biggest roadblock for my clients has been that they never really identified a marketable ideal client.

For one reason or another defining an ideal client for the purposes of building a business is a huge stumbling block for most small business owners.

During the last couple of weeks we’ve been having a conversation about ideal clients inside my Brilliant, Bold & Beautiful Women in Business Facebook Group and what became apparent to me is that I needed to do a deep dive training about this topic.

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During this training I share the 7 steps you can take today to figure out your ideal client. Plus I gave many real world examples of how this applies to your programs, products or services.

The importance of identifying your ideal client is becoming more and more critical with each passing year.

More and more small businesses are being born every day and while entrepreneurship isn’t new, the reality that you can get started with minimal investment and use online marketing and social media to promote that business is a relatively new business model.

Taking the time to get crystal clear on what ideal client you want to serve has never been more crucial.

The days of keeping your message general as a way of reaching more people are over. If you aren’t serving a specific ideal client in a specific way your message will go unheard because it isn’t resonating with anyone.

To get clear ask yourself these questions:

  1. What gender do I prefer to work with?
  2. What age bracket, (20 year span), do I prefer?
  3. What makes me or my program, product or service different from the rest?
  4. What are my special gifts and talents that are part of me and my story that no one else has?
  5. Is the ideal client I’m choosing reachable through paid advertising on Facebook or other social platforms? (YES… YOU MUST HAVE AN ADVERTISING BUDGET TO BE SUCCESSFUL)
  6. How can I sub-niche’ my niche’ to make myself known as a super expert in my field?
  7. Are there others that are already successful in the market that I want to serve? (If the answer is no there may be a reason for that. If the answer is yes you can certainly carve out your piece of the pie.)

In true transparency, I’ve been working on this same set of questions for myself over the last 60 days.

I have lots of experience as a business owner in lots of different business models but I know that I need to sub-niche’ my niche’. I’ve wrestled with this declaration for awhile now and feel I’ve finally put my finger on where I shine and how I will best serve my clients going forward, (more on this to come).

Don’t be afraid of this process. Don’t be afraid of the answers. And please, please, please don’t be afraid of declaring an ideal client in a sub-targeted audience. It’s your quickest road to success I can promise you that.

Again… I encourage you to watch this deep dive video training with plenty of real world examples to sub-niche’ your business and finally identify a marketable ideal client. CLICK HERE TO GET ACCESS TO THIS TRAINING.